Music played in this show

1PM - 2PM 

Artist: The Mutton Birds
Song: Envy Of Angels
Composer: The Mutton Birds
Album: Envy Of Angels
Label: Virgin

Artist: Fur Patrol
Song: Beautiful
Composer: J. Deans, Fur Patrol 
Album: Starlifter
Label: Wishbone Music

The Sampler: Bilders
Artist: Builders
Songs: Alien, Dirty and Disgusting, Heartbeats-a-go-go, Moderation, Bedrock Bay
Comp: Direen
Song: Magpies
Comp: Direen-Glover
Song: 1 Million Hearts
Comp: Direen-Scully
Album: Beatin Hearts
Label: Grapefruit Recordings

Artist: Dead Moon 
Song: I Won't Be The One
Composer: Dead Moon
Album: Nervous Sooner Changes
Label: Music Maniac Records

Skyscaper Stan In Session
Artist: Skyscraper Stan
Song: A Man Misunderstood, Anyway You Please
Composer: Skyscraper Stan
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Artist: Yishak Banjaw
Song: Libey Ma'aduley
Composer: Y. Banjaw
Album: Love Songs Vol. 2
Label: Teanga Beat

2PM - 3PM

Artist: Solange Knowles
Song: Mad ft. Lil Wayne
Composer: S. Knowles, D. Longstreth, R. Saadiq, D. Carter, C. Keys, D. Wiggins
Album: A Seat At The Table
Label: Saint

Introducing: French Concession
Artist: French Concession
Song: Sleepy Babies
Composer: French Concession
Album: At _Knifepoint
Label: French Concession

Base FM

Artist: Bad Crop
Song: Dig That
Composer: Bad Crop
Album: Dig That single
Label: Bad Crop

The Sampler: Bon Iver
Artist: Bon Iver
Songs: 22 Over Soon, 715 Creeks, 10 Deathbreast, 33 God, 21 Moon Water, 29 #Strafford Apartments, 000000 Million
Comp: Vernon
Album: 22, A Million
Label: Jagjaguwar

Artist: Kimbra
Song: Sweet Relief
Composer: Kimbra
Album: Sweet Relief single
Label: Warner Bros.

Artist: Tycho
Song: Glider, Horizon, Rings
Composer: Tycho
Album: Epoch
Label: Ghostly International

Artist: Tycho
Song: A Walk
Composer: Tycho
Album: Dive
Label: Ghostly International

Artist: Intercity Ensemble
Song: V 
Composer: Intercity Ensemble
Album: III
Label: Intercity Ensemble

3PM - 4PM 

Artist: Kate Tempest
Song: Picture A Vacuum
Composer: K. Tempest
Album: Let Them Eat Chaos
Label: Fiction

Ryley Walker
Artist: Ryley Walker
Song: Twin Oaks, Pt. 1, Twin Oaks, Pt. 2
Composer: Ryley Walker
Album: All Kinds of You
Label: Tompkins Square

Artist: Ryley Walker
Song: Primrose Green
Composer: Ryley Walker
Album: Primrose Green
Label: Dead Oceans

Artist: Ryley Walker
Song: Age Old Tale, The Halfwit In Me, The Roundabout, A Choir Apart, Sullen Mind,
The Great And Undecided.
Composer: Ryley Walker
Album: Golden Sings That Have Been Sung
Label: Dead Oceans

Artist: GOAT
Single: Goatfuzz
Composer: GOAT
Album: Requiem
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: Maisey Rika
Song: Sonnet 18
Composer: P. McLaney, M. Bridgman-Coope
Album: RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording

Ravens In Session

Artist: Walrus
Song: Baro Bop
Composer: Emma-Jean Thackray
Album: Walrus EP
Label: Emma-Jean Thackray

4PM - 5PM 

The Mixtape: Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper
Artist: Osibisa
Song: Kokorokoo
Composer: Osibisa
Album: Osei, Tontoh
Label: MCA 

Artist: Vilmos Szabadi
Song: Solo Violin Sonata number 2
Composer: Eugene Ysaye
Album: Sonatas for Violin solo
Label: Hungaroton

Artist: Wu Tang Clan
Song: Method Man
Composer: Wu Tang Clan
Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Label: Loud 

Artist: Mariah Carey 
Song: Always Be My Baby
Composer: Carey, Jermaine Dupri and Manuel Seal,
Album: Daydream
Label: Columbia 

Artist: Shakti –
Song: La danse du bonheur 
Composer: John McLaughlin, Lakshminarayana Shankar
Album: A Handful of Beauty
Label: Columbia

Artist: The Kurstins 
Song: Theremin Orchestra
Composer: Greg Kurstin /Pamelia Kurstin
Album: Gymnopedie