RNZ Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa

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RNZ Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa

Quickly get up-to-date news briefings from Radio New Zealand (RNZ), New Zealand’s 100% ad-free multimedia public broadcaster. 

Simply say "Alexa, what's the latest news?" or "Alexa, what's my flash briefing?", and stay informed with the RNZ Flash Briefing, read by RNZ newsreaders every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's easy to stay current and enjoy RNZ news with RNZ Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa. Please note that RNZ Flash Briefing will require you to have access to an Amazon Echo device, or to have an Alexa-enabled device in order to get it working. 

How to set up RNZ Flash Briefing for Amazon Alexa

  1. Search for 'RNZ' in the skill store on your Alexa app.
    search for RNZ skill
  2. Select 'RNZ (Radio New Zealand) Flash Briefing' and then select 'enable'.
    enable RNZ skill
  3. To make sure you hear RNZ as your primary news source, select 'Settings' once the skill has been enabled and navigate into 'Manage flash briefings' where you may edit the order of your flash briefings.
    edit RNZ Flash Briefing order
  4. To listen to your flash briefings, simply say, "Alexa, play my flash briefing." or "Alexa, what's in the news?"

Can't find the skill on the Alexa search?

You'll need to make sure your Amazon account is set to American or Australian English in order for the skill to show up in your skill store.

Log in to your Amazon account and follow these instructions for updating your country settings.