Scheduled Transmission Outage

In order to ensure the reliability of our terrestrial network we undertake periodic transmitter maintenance at each of our sites.

This page contains information about any scheduled outages.

Area Service Start Finish Duration Reason Alternatively listen to
Auckland RNZ Concert on 92.6 FM 04 Sep 12:00 am 30 Sep 5:00 pm Reduced power until late September, when transmitter will be replaced Transmitter fault causing lower than usual signal strength.

Sky Digital CH422, Freeview CH51

or on the internet, the RNZ App, or iHeart Radio

Primarily Wellington, Kapiti & Whanganui. Note that the Titahi Bay RNZ National AM signal can be received as far as the the middle of the North Island through to the upper South Island. RNZ National on 567 AM 06 Oct 12:10 am 06 Oct 4:50 am Outage of up to 4 hours and 40 minutes Routine transmitter maintenance.

101.3FM or 101.7FM in Wellington .

101.5FM (Kapiti) or 101.6FM (Whanganui).

Sky Digital on CH421 or Freeview CH50

or on the internet at, via our RNZ App, or at iHeart Radio.

Gisborne & Wairoa RNZ Concert on 97.3 FM 16 Oct 1:30 am 16 Oct 2:30 am Up to 1 hour Routine transmitter maintenance.

Sky Digital on CH422 or to Freeview on CH51 or on the internet at iHeart Radio or at