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We welcome your feedback and your thoughts and ideas for our programmes and services.  

Please use the feedback form below to get in touch. Select the specific program/team you wish to contact (if known), and we will ensure your message is passed on.

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Submit a complaint 

If you think we’ve breached our formal standards, either on air or online, you can lodge a formal complaint, RNZ welcomes your contact and aims to resolve complaints as quickly as possible.

A formal complaint must: 

  • nominate the item or programme name, along with its time and date. The more information we receive the easier it is for us to find the item so please do include a link if the item is online.  
  • nominate which of the standards or principles you think were breached. 
  • set out why you think the standards or principles were breached. 

On air or online?  

The process for a complaint is the same regardless of whether you are complaining about something you heard on air or something you read online, however different standards/principles apply. The Code of Broadcasting Standards in New Zealand applies to all on air material and the Media Council’s Statement of Principles applies to news and current affairs items on RNZ’s website. Please note, different timeframes apply for each.  

For on air, your complaint must reach RNZ within 20 working days of the programme’s broadcast. If you are unhappy with our response to your complaint, which we must provide within 20 working days of receipt, you can refer it to the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA). You must do that within 20 working days of receiving our reply. The only time you can complain directly to the BSA is if you wish to make a complaint alleging a breach of privacy. For more information on how to do this please visit: The complaints process ( 

For online, your complaint must reach RNZ within one calendar month of the item’s publication. If you are not happy with our response to your complaint, you can refer it to the Media Council, you should do this promptly.

Submit a complaint here:

Complaints should be in writing and can be submitted via the RNZ complaint form below or the postal address.

RNZ Complaint Form


Chief Executive 

Radio New Zealand  

PO Box 123 Wellington  


Why do I need to provide my name and contact details?  

We ask for this information in order for us to be able to contact you about your complaint. We also want to make sure that the complaint comes from a genuine person or organisation.  

How do you handle my data? 

All data is held securely for the purposes of responding to a complaint. RNZ does not and will not ever sell any personally identifying information to any third parties. RNZ will not share any personally identifying information, other than in accordance with this policy, or if we are required to do so by law.  


More information about the RNZ Complaints process can be found here: How RNZ handles complaints 

RNZ publishes significant corrections and clarifications and information on upheld and resolved complaints – these can be viewed here: Corrections and Clarifications  


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