22 Jan 2005

Enzology Part 4 - Dizrythmia (1977-1978)

From Enzology, 3:05 pm on 22 January 2005

New members, new songs, disaster and rebirth. After recording their third album, Split Enz regain Phil Judd, lose their record company, lose Phil Judd again and feed off the energy of punk with the Rootin’ Tootin’ Luton demos.

Songs in this programme include 'Parrot Fashion Love', 'My Mistake', 'Bold As Brass', 'Charlie', 'Semi Detached' plus rarities 'Play It Strange', 'So This Is Love', 'Hollow Victory' and others.

Album Trivia: Dizrythmia

  • "Dizrythmia” is a mis-spelling of “Circadian Dysrhythmia”, otherwise known as jet lag.
  • Back and front cover designs were by Noel Crombie. The back was originally going to be the front.
  • Kate Bush was recording her first album, The Kick Inside, in the studio next door to Split Enz during the Dizrythmia sessions.
  • Tim coughs forty-four seconds into 'Nice to Know'. This was accidentally left in the final mix. Extraneous voices can be heard at the beginning and ending of many tracks on the album.
  • Early takes of 'Nice to Know' were much slower than the released version and began with a plodding synthesiser pulse. The synth intro was later reinstated for live performances.
  • 'My Mistake' was the first Split Enz 12” single, released in the UK by Chrysalis.
  • Dizrythmia is one of Nigel Griggs’s favourite Split Enz albums.
  • Enzology - The Story Of Split Enz was produced and presented by Jeremy Ansell for Radio New Zealand National.