5 Mar 2005

Enzology Part 10 - See Ya Round (1984)

From Enzology, 3:05 pm on 5 March 2005

Tim Finn walks away and the Enz ends with a bang... Neil Finn almost ends with a bang too.

Songs in this programme include 'Voices', 'I Walk Away', 'Shark Attack', 'Years Go By', plus rare recordings of 'Something So Strong', 'Walking On The Pier', 'You Send Me' and others.

Album Trivia: See Ya ‘Round

  • See Ya ‘Round was co-produced and co-engineered by Jim Barton. Jim also recorded Noel Crombie’s solo single 'My Voice Keeps Changing On Me'.
  • The album took four and a half weeks to record. The previous album, Conflicting Emotions, took three months.
  • In homage to the first Split Enz LP, Mental Notes, the final words on the final Split Enz studio album play ad infinitum around the inner groove on side 2. The final words are Noel’s… but no one’s quite sure what he’s saying…
  • The cover art was again designed by Noel.
  • Neil Finn’s old song 'Late In Rome' was recorded for See Ya ‘Round as 'Serge', complete with strings. It didn’t make the final cut.
  • Another song of Neil’s, 'Fallout With the Lads' from his early band After Hours, was rewritten as 'Voices'. The recording features Wilbur Wilde from Jo Jo Zep on saxophone.
  • While recording the vocal track on 'This Is Massive, Paul Hester’s microphone stand slowly fell over. Paul finished singing the song on his knees.
  • Nigel Griggs wrote and demoed his song Adz and then turned the tape over backwards and worked on it from there.
  • 'Kia Kaha' was recorded for Conflicting Emotions” but was reduced to B-side status before being added to See Ya ‘Round.
  • The See Ya ‘Round credits list Bob Venier as playing flugelhorn on 'Isolation'. This was the original name of Eddie Rayner’s instrumental track on the album. 'The Lost Cat' was a last-minute beat-the-deadline replacement title suggested by Raewyn Turner (Split Enz lighting operator and Eddie’s then-partner) when Eddie had a hangover and couldn’t come up with anything else. The instrumental had nothing to do with cats when he composed and recorded it two years earlier.
  • Neil’s guitar solo in 'Years Go By' is a patch-job of seven takes, edited together.
  • 'Ninnie Knees Up' includes samples from James Brown’s Live at the Apollo album.
  • 'One Mouth Is Fed' was released as a follow-up single to 'I Walk Away' but sank without a trace. It was the last Split Enz single issued before the band dissolved.
  • See Ya ‘Round was released only in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.