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1:15 Loot boxes and gambling: an update

Last year we looked into the problem of loot boxes and whether they could be introducing children to gambling. 

The seems harmless enough, an integral part of video games. Gamers can buy cosmetic upgrades for their virtual characters by rolling the dice and opening a box filled with random items. The catch? It costs real money, and professionals are concerned it is creating a generation of gamblers. 

We check back in with Dr Aaron Drummond from Massey University, who has been keeping an eye on the development of loot boxes and how they're affecting kids. 

A "loot box" in Overwatch.

A "loot box" in Overwatch. Photo: Image: Blizzard Entertainment

1:25 Untold stories of World War 2

We know the story of World War Two, the causes, the atrocities, the battles. But what about what life was like during the war? What were the experiences of New Zealanders? 

Author Renée Hollis wants to find out. She's looking for stories about those who went overseas to help the fight, and those who stayed here to keep the home fires burning. 

She's after untold stories and needs your help, so she's with us to tell us more. If you want to send her a message email voicesofWWIINZ@gmail.com or via snail mail to Renée Hollis Exisle Publishing, 226 High Street, Dunedin 9016.

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Photo: Renee Hollis

1:35 Curator behind the online Frances Hodgkins project

Frances Hodgkins for the digital age. The influential artist's complete catalogue of work is now available online thanks to Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. 

The exhibition was created in celebration of the 150th anniversary of her birth and includes more than 1,200 paintings, watercolours and drawings. 

Curator Mary Kisler has worked closely on the project and is here to tell us how it came to be. You can find the website here.

1:40 Great album


2:10 Film Review: Graeme Tuckett

Graeme Tuckett looks at some of the standouts for him at the New Zealand International Film Festival and The Lion's Share - a documentary on the man who wrote The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and how he died destitute, while The Lion King made squillions.


2:20 NZ Live - Terror of the Deep

Wellington jangle-rock four-piece Terror of the Deep have just released their fourth studio album, The A-Team - an acoustic-driven collection of songs which is a stark departure from the electric guitar-dominated concept albums of years gone by.

They're with us in the Wellington studio to play us some music and explain a bit about where it comes from.

Wellington band Terror of the Deep

Wellington band Terror of the Deep Photo: Supplied/Terror of the Deep


3:10 Josh Emett - in Auckland ahead of The Auckland Food Show. 25 - 28 July 2019

Celebrity chef Josh Emett is in town and has dropped into our Auckland studio for a chat and to share a heart warming, Chicken Pot Pie dish. It appears in his book The Recipe which was published in April this year. The book features recipes from 150 chefs around the world.


3:20 Is Insulation a DIY job?

Builder Stan Scott  looks at whether or not insulation is a DIY project and how you know if the insulation you've got is good enough for the job and does it comply with the law?


3:30 Critter of the Week Dryland Sow Thistle

This week, Nicola Toki, Doc's Threatened Species Amabassador tells us about Dryland Sow Thistle, a beautiful nationally vulnerable daisy showing interesting colour variation in its leaves: grey-brown-green. It is cryptic and can be very hard to find – particularly when grey-brown coloured and blending into the grassland.


3.40 Go Ahead Caller

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4:05 The Panel with Lynda Hallinan and David Slack