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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 15 July 2019

1:10 First song: Theia Not Your Princess

Alt-pop artist Theia who hails from Christchurch has popped into our Auckland studio today to perform her new single Not Your Princess.

1:15 The Cricket World Cup Final

The ecstasy and agony of sport were well and truly on show last night into this morning, as the Black Caps and England played out one of the greatest cricket matches in recent memory in the World Cup Final

In the end, cruelly, the English side took the trophy based on the number of BOUNDARIES they'd struck, following a tied match AND a tied super over.

Writer Rajorshi Chakraborti has spent the morning in an existential crisis and joins us to make sense of it all.

New Zealand cricketers after their loss to England in World Cup final.


1:25 Papatoetoe Food Hub tackling south Auckland obesity

There's been a LOT in the news recently about high levels of obesity in South Auckland, and the lack of affordable, healthy food options.

So a new group's sprung up to help out: it's called the Papatoetoe Food Hub and it's all about making it easier for people to get good kai instead of heading down to the local fast food outlet.

George Makapatama is the South Auckland manager for the Healthy Families organisation, which is supporting the project, and joins us to discuss.

Papatoetoe Food Hub

Papatoetoe Food Hub Photo: Supplied/Papatoetoe Food Hub

1:35 John Banks considering another run for Auckland mayoralty

Two-time Auckland mayor John Banks says he's considering running for office once again - but does he have a chance?

The New Zealand Herald's senior writer Simon Wilson joins us to talk about where this comes from, and whether he's got a hope.

John Banks addresing the media after the Court of Appeal cancelled an order he should be retried on a charge relating to election expenses

John Banks addresing the media after the Court of Appeal cancelled an order he should be retried on a charge relating to election expenses Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

1:45 Seven-metre cactus for sale in Christchurch

A GIANT lives among the residents of the Christchurch suburb of Addington.

They might not realise it though, unless they're keen acanthologists.

For this giant is a cactus! A San Pedro cactus, to be exact.

The last time it was measured, it was SEVEN METRES HIGH. But now it's being sold, piece by piece - and its unusual size and bulk is attracting interest from all around the world.

A San Pedro Cactus

A San Pedro Cactus Photo: Pixabay free use

1:50 Great album

Dean Martin - Italian Love Songs

2:10 Television Critic: Graeme Tuckett

Graeme Tuckett reviews Tuca and BertieThat's a Bit RacistAnd The Barber and Patriot Act.

2:20 Talk the Walk - The Hump Ridge Track

The Hump Ridge Track in Southland will soon become New Zealand's newest Great Walk, as conservation minister Eugenie Sage announced this morning.

Anne McDermott is the president of the Southland Tramping Club and is on the line to tell us about it.

Hump Ridge Track.

Hump Ridge Track. Photo: Supplied/DOC.

2:30 David Chaston: Banking Expert

Today's expert is David Chaston talking about banking. Banks have been a hot topic of late with a lot of criticism leveled at the Australian operators which dominate the New Zealand sector. David joins Jesse in the studio to talk about what a bank is, how they make money and addresses the issues which have arisen about the banking culture.

No caption

Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas


3:10 Professor Jonathan Haidt: Moral Psychology in an Age of Outrage

no caption

Photo: Jonathan Haidt

Professor Jonathan Haidt considers himself the ghost of Christmas Future. He believes democracy is in jeopardy because constant outrage and our incessant 'call out culture" makes sensible debate impossible.

 He's coming to New Zealand for the first time in August with a warning about our divided world. His lecture tour is called  Moral Psychology in an Age of Outrage. Tickets for the Auckland event can be found here

3:35 Voices

The NZ Red Cross says they have resettled 25 Eritrean refugees in Canterbury this year.
Sara Vui-Talitu met four of them in this week’s episode.

We find out a bit more about their personal journeys….  hear how well they are settling in.. ..and their heartfelt plea to New Zealand officials. 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Emma Espiner and Thomas Pryor