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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Thursday 10 January 2019

9:05 Whither the weather? 

The government shutdown in the United States is now stretching into its fourth week with no end in sight. 

It's already the second-longest in US history and will claim that unwanted crown outright if it's still going on Saturday. It has big implications for things like national security and the country's scientists.

Auckland University physicist Richard Easther, and NIWA forecaster Chris Brandolino join us to discuss that impact.

Cyclone Mona forms in the South Pacific on Thursday. It is forecast to intensify in the coming days and head south to Fiji (bottom pink outline).

Cyclone Mona forms in the South Pacific on Thursday. It is forecast to intensify in the coming days and head south to Fiji (bottom pink outline). Photo: US National Weather Service

9:20 Vanuatu Military Museum 

A New Zealander is helping Vanuatu to realise an ambitious project to build a museum about the Second World War in the  South Pacific.

The building, that references the shape of a warplane, will be built on a stretch of land at the opening of the Sarakata River, at the western end of the Luganville township. Kevin McCarthy and his partner have moved to Vanuatu to help realise the project - from raising money to marketing.

Already the South Pacific WWII Museum is getting support from its usual partners including New Zealand, Australia and America. There's no shortage of objects to place in it once it's built either. In the meantime, staff are waiting to move into a building that will become the Project Development Office and mini museum.

9:35 LANDSAR: Peter Zimmer 

Peter Zimmer has spent many hundreds of hours in the New Zealand mountains in severe weather conditions, helping to search for lost and injured climbers.

He's the next Land Search and Rescue volunteer we're profiling this summer and for many years has been part of the Alpine Rescue team. Peter came to LANDSAR after working on outdoor education pursuits and is one of the organisation's Group Support Officers - he's based in King Country. 

9:45 Taranaki in 2019

Our regional check in series continues today with RNZ Taranaki correspondent Robin Martin. We're looking ahead to 2019 and what issues the region faces in this local government election year. 

The trust wants to build an accessible loop track through the block - which would be known as the Mahood-Lowe Reserve.

The trust wants to build an accessible loop track through the block - which would be known as the Mahood-Lowe Reserve. Photo: Rob Tucker

10:05 Lisa Maclaren 

New Zealand has set itself a bunch of ambitious social and environmental targets for the coming decades ... Smoke-free 2025, for example, and Predator-Free 2050. The youth-led climate change group Generation Zero wants to add another binding commitment to that list: Zero Carbon by 2050.

Joining me now is Lisa MacLaren, she's a PhD at the joint centre for disaster research, and she's also the national convenor of Generation Zero, and she joins me on the line / in the studio now, good morning!

About 100 young people in front of a model of a dinosaur

Lobby group Generation Zero tries to make climate action go viral. Photo: Levi Brinsdon-Hall II

10:20 Joseph Johnson 

A series of "frightening and breathtaking" photographs of the Port Hills Fires in February last year, won Joseph Johnson the Best News Photography Voyager Media Awards last year. Joseph returned to news photography after establishing himself as a wedding photographer in Christchurch.

That was in time for the Port Hills Fire when he found himself in the perfect place at the perfect time but there was more to getting the award winning photos than that.

10:30 Ranking and rating 

Now there's not much that's more subjective as taste in music. But is there a way to place an objective lens on the comparative merits of a band's efforts? RNZ Music's Nick Bollinger is on a writing sabbatical at the moment but he's snuck back in this morning to outline a manifesto of sorts about how to rank albums by The Beatles. 

The Beatles

The Beatles Photo: screengrab

11:00 A trip to the Chathams

Our travel feature now escorts us to the Chatham Islands.

Wellingtonian Erin Daldry headed there with geologist Hamish Campbell and scientist Chris Adams one on of the two trips they take each year to introduce visitors to the islands' remarkable history, culture, cuisine and of course, geology.

11:20 Go slow

Slow TV has been gathering in popularity around the world. It's a way of telling stories over hours rather than minutes - going through landscapes and providing a gentle journey for the viewer. It's now coming to New Zealand. Go South is a train journey from Auckland to the bottom of the South Island and will premier on Prime TV on Saturday the 19th of January. It's producer is Spencer Stoner. 

A Still from GO SOUTH

A Still from GO SOUTH Photo: SKY

11:30 One in every house

During the show yesterday we spoke at length about the Edmonds Cookbook which some of you had nominated as one of the 100 great historical objects in New Zealand History. It sparked a big discussion about the ever-evolving recipe for bread-and-butter-pudding and whether or not one is supposed to butter the bread in this recipe ...

This got us thinking about how recipes change over time, and the big job of updating recipes to keep up with culinary trends over time. So we invited Alexa Johnstone onto the programme - she's an author, historian, art curator, and most recently oversaw revisions to the Edmonds Cookbook back in 2016. 

no caption

Photo: Supplied

11:50 1000 Doors

Imagine not knowing what or who was behind not just the door in front of you...but hundreds of other doors that lie between you and escape.

A labyrinth of doors is being put in place in Auckland's CBD as we speak as part of an outdoor installation called 1000 Doors, s part of Auckland Live's Sounds of Summer programme.