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9:05 Galapagos Iguana 

New Zealand has had a significant role to play in the return of land iguana to one of the Galapagos Islands almost 200 years since they were wiped out by introduced predators.

Massey University's had a long association with the Galapagos Islands - after all we have a great deal in common, being home to many unique species. The translocation of land iguanas to Santiago Island is big news internationally. 

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9:20 A history in the surf 

Surfing has been a central part of the culture of Pacific countries for hundreds of years, and Ian Surgeson loves surfing so much he's written a book about it - An Empty Ocean Road, A Surfing History of the Mainland - and he joins us on the line now to tell us more.

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9:30 LANDSAR: Dave Krehic 

Our series profiling the work of Land Search and Rescue volunteers concludes today with a story about the life-saving teamwork of Te Anau based Dave Krehic and his search dog ENZO.

The two of them have worked together for many years,  with ENZO proving himself to be an invaluable addition to search and rescue operations. Dave's also involved with helping other would-be handlers train their dogs for Landsar. 

9:45 Cook Islands in 2019 

We're taking our regional series to the Cook Islands today. We're joined by Glenda Tuaine who runs event company Motone in the Cook Islands and has a keen eye on what's going on. 

A tractor on a farm in the Pacific

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9:55 Staying safe in the summer

Before the weekend we're checking in again Fire and Emergency NZ with what's going on around the country. Today we're speaking with the Waikato Principal Rural Fire Officer Paul Shaw. 

Firefighters tackle a large blaze in a commercial building in the Lower Hutt suburb of Gracefield.

Photo: RNZ / Richard Tindiller

10:05 Dan Slevin goes to the cinema

Dan Slevin is with us again to talk about the week in cinema. This week he's been to see a couple of new films ranging from adolescent drama to a political biopic; Eighth Grade and VICE

Cinema seating

Cinema seating Photo: (Photo by Felix Mooneeram on Unsplash)

10:25 Pickleball 

We're continuing our series looking at under the radar sports. Today it's one that's a hybrid of tennis and badminton and that's really taken off in New Zealand.The first Pickleball club in NZ was established in 2016 and now there are more than 20 around the country. 

We're joined Sharon Fleet who's Chair of the Founding Committee of Pickleball New Zealand and Wellington City Council Recreation co-ordinator William Dewhirst who has recently brought Pickleball to the capital. 

10:35 Striking a chord 

Graeme Downs

Graeme Downs Photo: RNZ

Music! It's a world of endless complexity, limitless possibilities ... over the course of human history we've written millions of songs, concertos, jams and ditties. So it's strange to think that this wealth of sound and artistry is really just various combinations of 12 separate notes, arranged in a vaguely organised fashion. And when it comes to pop music, the palate is even more limited than that.
For today's music feature we're going under the hood of songwriting and talking about chord sequences- and to help us with that, we've enlisted Otago University music lecturer and member of the Verlaines Graeme Downes.

11:05 Emma Gilmour's drive for success

Did you know that one of New Zealand's most exceptional athletes makes a living by running a Suzuki dealership down in the thriving metropolis of Dunedin? 

Her name is Emma Gilmour - and in 2016 she became the first woman to win a stage of the New Zealand Rally Driving Championships. She's also in the past been ranked the world's top female rally driver. 

Rally driver Emma Gilmour

Rally driver Emma Gilmour Photo: Supplied

11:20 Crafting with what you have 

Over the summer We're talking to New Zealanders who're keeping alive traditional skills.  

Today it's the turn of Christchurch artisan clothes designer and maker Steven Junil (Jew-nil) from Christchurch - his label '6x4' includes clothing, accessories and homeware made from resources that are already available rather than new materials.

His skills include making bone, antler, and stone buttons, using seasonal, natural dyes, and using recycled, second hand, or vintage textiles.

11:35 NZ history in 100 objects 

We check in with some of our listeners about objects they've suggested for out NZ history in 100 objects series. 

11:45 Bread & Circus Festival

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Christchurch was promised a bigger an bolder world-class programme when a massive makeover for its annual Buskers Festival was announced last October.

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It's just underway under a new name - the Bread and Circus World Buskers Festival - boasting a big line up of street performers from throughout the country and around the world. 

Two of them join us now, internet sensation John Van Der Put aka Piff the Magic Dragon whose co-star Mr Piffles is the world's only know magic performing Chihuahua. 

Shay Hooray who's created and is the ring leader of The Revolver Club - a cabaret show including the Guinness World Record Holder for the most fire eaten in a minute.