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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Monday 14 January 2019

9:05 Healthy Homes 

A rush on insulation is expected over the next six months ahead of the deadline imposed on landlords by the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act. There have already been complaints of price gouging and rental hikes to cover the cost.

But from the 1st of July, ceiling and floor insulation will be compulsory in rental properties. It's a day that can't come soon enough for the Sustainability Trust, which has lobbied for stricter regulations to improve the standard of rental housing. Philip Squire is the Sustainability Trust's Chief Executive and David Pierce is a Healthy Homes Assessor.

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9:25 NZ History in 100 objects

Our History of New Zealand in 100 Objects list has just five days to go - we present it to historian Jock Philips this Friday morning as he works on his book of the same name.

We thought you might like to know the top ten suggested so far! Our list is creeping up to 100 and we still need your suggestions. Please email or text 2101. 

  1. Thermette
  2. Meat safe
  3. Half gallon bottle
  4. Edmonds Cook Book 
  5. Coal range
  6. Wire strainer
  7. Milk separator
  8. Wringer washing machine
  9. Railway cups and saucers
  10. Kerosene can 
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9:30 Families on the spectrum 

Today we start a series of interviews with families with children on the autism spectrum.  No experts, no politicians, just family members talking about their hopes for their children and their frustrations with having to fight for help for them to be able to realise their full potential.

It's not just an issue for families of course. The proportion of people on the very broad autism spectrum is increasing, so as a nation we have to think of creative  ways to support them and help them lead full and productive lives. 

9:50 Southland in 2019 

We continue our regional series today by heading to the deep south. Community newspapers like The Ensign still have a huge role to play, covering local stories that would otherwise never see the light of day and keeping the region connected.

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10:05 Cancer Immunotherapy 

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Today we start a series of interviews with scientists involved in immunology related research at the Malaghan Institute. First up is Cancer immunotherapy specialist and head of the Institute's Cancer Cell Biology Group, Professor Mike Berridge.

In 1976  he established the Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology Research Group and was awarded the Health Research Council Liley Medal for outstanding research on cellular metabolism in 2016. His current research interests include cancer cell energy metabolism and mitochondrial gene transfer between cells in human disease.

10:40 Damon Albarn: A life in notes  

Now it's time to talk music and today we're going to be chatting about the life and work of one of Emile's favourite musicians, Damon Albarn. 

He's one of the biggest musical forces over the past 30 years. From making Britishness cool with Blur in the mid-90s to challenging the very idea of what a band is with Gorrillaz over the past 20 years. 

Blur (L-to-R: Dave Rowntree, Alex James, Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn).

Blur (L-to-R: Dave Rowntree, Alex James, Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn). Photo: Linda Brownlee

11:00 Heritage NZ

How is Heritage New Zealand planning to make best use of the 6.3 million dollars it received in last May's budget and is on top of the current operating funding of $13 million per year.

The new money's spread over four years, so it's a case of priorities for the organisation that's charged with protecting archaeological and heritage sites. We're joined by the Chief Executive of Heritage New Zealand, Andrew Coleman.

11:20 Aotearoa in the space wars 

We talk to space scientist Duncan Steel about New Zealand's role in potential space conflicts. Duncan's been looking at this for some time and thinks we're uniquely placed in the even of a star war.

Universe filled with stars, nebula and galaxy.

Universe filled with stars, nebula and galaxy. Photo: 123RF

11:35 Richard Hare Furniture 

American double bow rocking chairs, Windsor settees, pedestal tables, ladder-back carver fancy slat chairs  - Traditional Greenwood Chair-making is a rare skill these days.

Our next guest Richard Hare is a full time chair maker and workshop tutor, keen to share what he's learned about his craft over the years.

11.50 International Akaroa Music Festival 

The Banks Peninsula Hills are alive to the sound of music, with the 12th annual International Akaroa Music Festival in full flight. The festival is run by the Pettman National Junior Academy of Music and one of it's directors Edith Salzmann joins me on the line from Akaroa now. 

Akaroa Bay on Banks Peninsula

Akaroa Bay on Banks Peninsula Photo: 123rf