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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Wednesday 9 January 2019


9:05 Does sustainable commercial fishing exist?

Yesterday we had a chat to Justine from the Sanford Fishing Company about their revamped fish market in Auckland which encourages people to broaden out their fish palates and maybe try something new - and more sustainable.

A lot of people got in touch to say hey, what are you talking to a big commercial fishing company for? These guys are the problem! So , we thought we'd go to the other side now - and talk to some people who think the whole fishing game should change, not just the players.

Scott Macindoe is from not for profit advocacy group Legasea.

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Photo: tonobalaguer/123RF

9:20 Data security in 2019

It seemed data security was in the news every other day in 2018.

Whether it was  cyber-bullying, internet fraud, or scandals in which enormous multinational social media networks were found to be collating data to sell to companies trying to influence elections.And technology's only getting more complicated day by day. 

Data security breach

Data security breach Photo: (Flickr user CC BY 2.0)

9:35 Wandersearch

WanderSearch is a branch of Land Search and Rescue that offers tracking devices  for people who have health conditions that mean they may head off without being able to find their way home.

This includes people with alzheimers, dementia, Down Syndrome, brain injuries or are on the autism spectrum. In the next part of our series on LandSar volunteers you'll hear from  Margie Sharkey who heads WanderSearch Canterbury.

9:50 Fiordland in 2019

We turn our attention to Fiordland now for today's regional cross and our correspondent is Te Anau volunteer fire brigade chief fire officer Graeme "Possum" Moffat. Possum's been in the news himself for starting  a programme called K10 to Te Anau  to support the mental health of the town's 33 volunteer firefighters after they attended a series of traumatic crashes.

Te Anau.

Te Anau. Photo: pxhere

10:05 Citizen Science

Dr Cynthia Winkworth works in the zoology department at Otago University, and she's just embarked on a project , along with some local schools, to study how an unusual wee fellow called the peripatus copes in the urban sprawl of Dunedin. Dr Winkworth joins me now in the Dunedin studio to explain a bit more, good morning Cynthia!


Peripatus Photo: Supplied

10:20: NZ history in 100 objects 

We continue our series helping historian Jock Phillips with his project exploring New Zealand history through objects. Today we look at pre-colonial design, braile technology and a humble cookbook. 

Declaration of Independence of the United Tribes of New Zealand. He Tohu, a new permanent exhibition of three iconic constitutional documents that shape Aotearoa New Zealand. Treaty of Waitangi, Declaration of Independence and Women's Suffrage Petition.

Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

10:30 Upcycling furniture

If you have a piece of furniture that's seen better days, you have several options. One is to upcycle, to stamp your own mark on it, rather than throwing it out.

Not everyone agrees with the trend towards upcycling. Restoration is a better option in the eyes of many furniture lovers. But Sarah Heeringa is firmly in the upcycling camp and has written a book with ideas for like minded people.

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10:40 Spoken word?

When is it poetry and is it music? Like many types of art if you try and pick apart the minutiae of a form you can end up killing it, but it is an interesting dilemma. Author, musician and writing teacher Dominic Hoey (AKA Tourettes) is in the Auckland studio to help us pick this apart.

Dominic Hoey

Dominic Hoey Photo: Supplied

11:00 Catherine Shields

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Photo: Supplied

Continuing our series on volunteers, today we're heading to one of the great locations of our time, the middle of a beautiful lush cricket oval, where selfless Kiwis help to drive the game of cricket onwards and upwards.
Catherine Shields is involved with the Cricket Wellington Umpires and Scorers Association. 

11:20 Youth Observatory

Over the summer we're talking to young leaders in their field. Today it's the turn of Sir Peter Blake Trust ambassador Emily Gordon who describes herself  as an atmospheric physics nerd who has a particular interest in the ozone layer and greenhouse gasses.

She lived the dream recently when she was invited to spend time recently at one of the best-equipped atmospheric monitoring facilities in the Southern Hemisphere - at Lauder in Central Otago.

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11:30 Summer Success Academy 

A First Generation Tertiary Student programme for students  who are the first in their family to progress beyond secondary education, is part of a new academy aimed at helping some of this year's Manukau of Technology students  before term officially starts. 

The first Summer Success Academy for New Zealand students begins in a couple of weeks and is based on a model that's worked well in America's  Georgia State. The project is headed by MIT's Specialist Adviser to the Chief Executive - Dr Stuart Middleton. 

Exterior of the Manukau Institute of Technology

Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

11:50 Poetry with Peter Bland

Poet Peter Bland

Poet Peter Bland Photo: supplied

Poet, actor, playwright and critic,Peter Bland has been penning poems across seven decades - long before social media came along.

But he's embraced the opportunity to share his words with new generations of poetry lovers.

Peter delivers poems to camera, filmed surrounded by his overflowing bookcases, and puts the videos on his Facebook page.