10 Apr 2022

Novelist India Holton

From Standing Room Only, 2:26 pm on 10 April 2022

With characters who include a pirate of low morals but high cheekbones and a witch who's also an excellent pick pocket and a keen bibliophile, you can tell you're in for a wild ride.

India Holton's books The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels and The League of Gentlewomen Witches have both been picked up by a US publisher.

The latter is about to be released here in Aotearoa.  It tells the story of Miss Charlotte Pettifer and her nemesis, the pirate Alex O'Reiley who together must find a magic and powerful amulet.

Like Charlotte, India is a massive Jane Austen fan and the books are written very much in her style, with a twist:  "It is a truth seldom acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a good fortune is not especially in want of a husband", she writes.

The New York Times review was glowing:   "As much fun as the English language will permit". Lynn Freeman talks to India about the world of witches and pirates.

The League of Gentlewomen Witches by India Holton is published by Penguin Random House.