18 Dec 2022

Dylan Coburn - from movie storyboards to children's picture book

From Standing Room Only, 2:27 pm on 18 December 2022
Dylan Coburn

Dylan Coburn Photo: supplied

Dylan Coburn

Photo: supplied

Visual effects art director, Dylan Coburn has drawn storyboards for some of the biggest recent New Zealand projects - Rings of Power, Cowboy Bebop - even Dame Valerie Adams More Than Gold...   

It's an important job - not just artistically, but also budget-wise.  A good storyboard can save literally millions of dollars on a shoot.

But Dylan's latest project uses his drawing skills for something entirely different - to help young readers to learn how to count.

Boingo and the Golden Balloon sees a young rabbit chasing his favourite object in the world through a forest, with all kinds of critters giving him directions along the way.   Lynn Freeman talks with Dylan about his career switch.

Boingo and the Golden Balloon by Dylan Coburn is published by Action Junior Limited