18 Dec 2022

Lynn Freeman reminisces with her friend Catriona MacLeod

From Standing Room Only, 2:38 pm on 18 December 2022

After five decades at RNZ, presenter Lynn Freeman is moving on to work for Forest and Bird.

In the final episode of Standing Room Only, she chats to Catriona MacLeod about her experience.

Lynn Freeman

Lynn Freeman Photo: RNZ

"While I've hosted Standing Room Only for more than 21 years, I started at RNZ way, way back, in the era of typewriters and teletexting our copy to Wellington from the Dunedin 4ZB studios - now sadly bulldozed and long gone. 

"I was a very excited 19-year-old intern when I rocked up, so early that I had to sit on the steps of the building for ages waiting for the reception to open.

"The first person I met when I was escorted to the newsroom was delighted that she was no longer the cub reporter... a familiar name and my dear friend Catriona MacLeod."