6 Oct 2019

Heddi Goodrich and Lost in the Spanish Quarter

From Standing Room Only, 2:37 pm on 6 October 2019

Translating her own novel from Italian into English was an obvious decision for American expat Heddi Goodrich. She moved to New Zealand 20 years ago and teaches English in Auckland. But her high school and university years she spent in Naples, the setting for Lost in the Spanish Quarter. It's a love story loosely based on Heddi's time in Naples. But it's not an autobiography, even though she and her protagonist share the same name. In the book, Heddi, an American and Pietro who's from rural Italy meet, fall in love and eventually part, heartbroken. But years later their paths cross again. Heddi Goodrich novel's published by HarperCollins and it's called Lost in the Spanish Quarter.