23 Dec 2023

Nashville Babylon: 23 December 2023 - Last Drinks

From Nashville Babylon, 6:00 pm on 23 December 2023
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Photo: AfP

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On this week's Nashville Babylon Mark pays tribute to the musicians and songwriters who left us in 2023.

Songs Played:

Artist: Tina Turner

Track: Whole Lotta Love

Composer: Bonham / Dixon/ Jones / Page / Plant

Album: Acid Queen

Label: EMI


Artist: Ike and Tina Turner

Track: Get Back

Composer: Lennon / McCartney

Album: Workin’ Together

Label: Liberty


Artist: Barret Strong

Track: Money

Composer: Bradford / Gordy

Album: Single

Label: Tamla


Artist: Marvin Gaye

Track: I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Composer: Whitfield / Strong

Album: Single

Label: Motown


Artist: Aretha Franklin

Track: I Say A Little Prayer

Composer: Bacharach / David

Album: Single

Label: Atlantic


Artist: Jeff Beck

Track: I Ain't Superstitious

Composer: Willie Dixon

Album: Truth

Label: EMI


Artist: Television

Track: Marquee Moon

Composer: Verlaine

Album:  Marquee Moon

Label: Elektra


Artist: Tony Bennett

Track: Rags To Riches

Composer: Adler / Ross

Album: Single

Label: Columbia


Artist: Sinead O'Connor

Track: He Moved Through The Fair

Composer: Trad arr O'Connor / Lunny / Henderson

Album: Gospel Oak

Label: Chrysalis


Artist: Crosby Stills and Nash

Track: Guinevere

Composer: Crosby

Album: Crosby Stills and Nash

Label: Atlantic


Artist: Tom Waits

Track: Closing Time

Composer: Tom Waits

Album: Closing Time

Label: Asylum