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SWIDT backstage at the VNZMAs


NZ Music Awards 2017: backstage with the winners.


Kings: we visit the Auckland pop star's studio at Northcote's Awataha Marae.

The Sampler - Nick Bollinger reviews Reputation by Taylor Swift

Diggin In the Carts: pioneering Japanese video game music.


Lankum: purveyors of Traditional Irish Folk Music.

The Sampler: Nick Bollinger reviews American electro-pop singer and songwriter Kelela's new album Take Me Apart.

Jay Clarkson: Nick Bollinger chats to the local singer-songwriter about reuniting with her band Breathing Cage for two special gigs in Auckland.

Leilani Momoisea talks to Kiwi rapper Jess B about being a non-white NZer - what does she say when people ask her, "where are you from?"


The Mixtape: Sharon O'Neill

Music Details 


Artist: Lorde
Song: Perfect Places
Composer: Ella Yelich O Connor Jack Antonoff  Andrew Wyatt
Album: Melodrama
Label: Universal Music New Zealand


Artist: Aorere College
Song: Jubilee Fire 
Album:  RNZ Music Recording
Label: RNZ Music Recording 


Artist: SWIDT 
Song: Player of the Day 
Album: Melodrama
Label: Universal Music New Zealand


Artist: Ladi 6  
Song: Royal Blue 
Composer: Karoline Tamati, Parksm Julien Dyne, Brandon Haru
Album: Royal Blue 3000 
Label: Universal Music New Zealand​


Artist: Opetaia Foa'i 
Song: We know the way 
Composer:  Lin-Manuel Miranda, Opetaia Foa'i
Album: Moana 
Label: Walt Disney Records 


Artist: Devilskin
Song: Voices
Album: Be like the River 
Label: Self Released 


Artist: Teeks 
Song: If Only 
Composer:Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi
Album: Grapefruit Skies 
Label: Self Released 


Artist:  TRUTH 
Song: Messages
Composer: Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez
Album:The Lion EP 
Label:  Deep Medi Musik

Artist:  Salmonella Dub 
Song: World she is
Composer: Andrew Penman, Dave Deakins, and Mark Tyler
Label: Independent


Artist: Kings
Song: We'll never know, HYLMN, Into the sun
Composer: Kings
Album: Chapter One
Label: Independent


Artist: Willow
Song: Warm Honey
Composer: W. Smith
Album: The 1st
Label: Roc Nation


Artist: Miguel
Song: Pineapple Skies
Composer: Miguel
Album: War and Leisure
Label: RCA

Artist: Konami Kukeiha Club
Songs: Opening (Cosmic Wars), A Planet Of Plants, Equipment, Road To Agartha, Beyond the Terminus
Composer: Konami Kukeiha Club

Artist: Goblin Sound
Songs: Opening, Game Over
Composer: Goblin Sound

Artist: Hiroyuki Kawada
Song: King Erekiman
Composer: Hiroyuki Kawada
Album: Diggin In The Carts
Label: Hyperdub


Artist: Bjork
Song: Blissing me 
Composer: Bjork
Album: Utopia
Label: One Little Indian Records


Trevor Reekie talks to Lankum 


Artist:  Elroy Finn 
Song: Worth the Wait
Composer: Elroy Finn 
Label: Independent 


The Sampler Kelela


Artist:Jess B 
Song: Set it off 
Composer: Jess B and Facade
Label: Independent 


Artist: The Witch Doctor and Rob Ruha 
Song: Kalega
Composer: The Witch Doctor and Rob Ruha
Label: Rob Ruha


The Mixtape: Sharon O'Neill

Artist: Steely Dan
Song: Gaucho
Composer: Becker, Fagen, Jarrett
Album: Gaucho
Label: MCA

Artist: Don Henley
Song: The End Of The Innocence
Composer: Henley, Hornsby
Album: The End Of The Innocence
Label: Geffen

Artist: James Taylor
Song: Mean Old Man
Composer: Taylor
Album: October Road
Label: Columbia

Artist: Linda Ronstadt
Song: Adios
Composer: Webb
Album: Cry Like A Rainstorm Howl Like The Wind
Label: Elektra

Artist: Neil Young
Song: Old Man
Composer: Young
Album: Live at Massey Hall 1971
Label: Reprise

Artist: Steve Earle
Song: I Ain’t Ever Satisfied
Composer: Earle
Album: We Ain’t Ever Satisfied
Label: Hipo