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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 27 January 2020

1:10 First song


1:17 NBA great Kobe Bryant dies in a helicopter crash

Basketball hero, Kobe Bryant, and his 13-year-old daughter have died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles. Bryant, 41, a former Lakers player and his daughter were believed to going to the Mamba Academy for a basketball practice session at nearby Thousand Oaks. Comedian Guy Williams is an avid NBA super fan, he talks to Jesse about the huge loss to the basketball community and fans all over the world.

Kobe Bryant #24 of the Los Angeles Lakers reacts while taking on the Utah Jazz at Staples Center on April 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: AFP

1.27 Wikipedia reluctant to use macrons for Māori place names

Former Wikipedian-at-large Mike Dickison talks about the issues in getting the online encyclopedia to use macrons for Māori place names. He explains that here is no official editorial board or committee which makes rulings on these issues, instead the guidelines are thrashed out by the volunteers who work on the one of the world's most-viewed websites.

Mike Dickison

Photo: Twitter / @adzebill

1.34 Call for more action on school speed restrictions

Road safety advocates say the 10 year plan released by the government to introduce speed limits around schools during peak hours is being rolled out too slowly. Lucinda Rees from NZ School Speeds says lobbyists don't feel that the government is taking the safety issues around schools seriously. She explains what her organisation is asking for

Owairaka District School road patrol - generic school speed limit, stop sign, traffic, crossing

Photo: RNZ / Amy Williams

1:45 Great NZ Album: Nga Matua: When The Haka Became Boogie's, Greatest Bits 1


2:10 TV Critic: In praise of The Chase

Caitlin reviews You, His Dark Materials and The Chase.

Anne Hegerty, aka The Governess on The Chase.

Anne Hegerty, aka The Governess on The Chase. Photo: ITV

2:20 From Little Barrier to Science Camp

A group of 51 secondary school students from all over NZ gathered last week in Dunedin for the annual Science Camp at Otago University. Mahina Walle, who lives on Little Barrier Island with her family and studies by correspondence was there. She talks to Jesse about her life on the island and experience at the science camp.

Mahina Walle

Mahina Walle Photo: Supplied

2:25 Tribute to Gordon McLauchlan

Journalist, media personality and author Gordon McLauchlan has died aged 89. Fellow writer and art curator Hamish Keith speaks to Jesse about his life and legacy.

Gordon McLauchlan

Gordon McLauchlan Photo: supplied

2:30 Bronwyn Turei - how to become an actor

Brokenwood Mysteries, Go Girls, Oliver - star of stage and screen, Bronwyn Turei, is our expert today and she talks about what it takes to become an actor. 

Bronwyn Turei

Bronwyn Turei Photo: Supplied

3:10 Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin's Guide to Ageing Well

Getting old doesn't have to mean feeling old. Declines in memory, health and relevance are not inevitable says neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. There are ways to age successfully that don't come from the crossword pages or a bottle of supplements. Dr Levitin shares the science on healthy living into old age in his new book, The Changing Mind: A Neuroscientist's Guide to Ageing Well.

MRI Image Of Head Showing Brain

Photo: 123RF

3:35 Voices

In Voices this week, an elderly couple, who recently found love online, want changes to our tough immigration rules so they can live out their golden years together. 

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day 

4:05 The Panel with Julia Whaipooti and Neil Miller