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1:15 Auckland council submissions still dominated by older Pākeha voices

Around three-quarters of the 26,000 submissions on Auckland's long-term 2050 plan were made by Pākeha, despite making up just half of the region's population.

And older, wealthier voices are also over-represented.

So, how do we democratise the democratic process?

It's an issue RNZ's Kate Newton's explored in a new multimedia longform piece, White Noise.

1:25 Why do people refuse to listen to opposing views?

There are many issues that divide people - and you could be forgiven for thinking people are getting more entrenched on either side of certain issues - Trump's wall, the me too movement, trans rights...

Social psychologist Jeremy Frimer from the  University of Winnipeg wanted to know why both liberals and conservatives have become so resistant to one-another's views

So he conducted an experiment to see what it would take to get people to listen to opposing views, and found the resistance was strong on both sides. 

Donald Trump supporters and protestors argue in Times Square as they await election results on November 8, 2016 in New York City.


1:35 Cricket commentators paid more than female players

Over the weekend the Wellington Blaze defeated the Canterbury Magicians to become the NZ Women's Twenty/20 champions.

But, because the women's domestic game isn't professional, it's since emerged the match's commentators were actually paid nine times more than the players themselves to be there.

Peter McGlashan is a former Black Cap who was one of those commentators, and joins us to explain more.

New Zealand all-rounder Sophie Devine.

New Zealand all-rounder Sophie Devine. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

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2:10 Television Critic Briar Wyatt

Briar reviews:

Sex Education (Netflix)
Buttery (TVNZ)
Brooklyn Nine Nine (new season - Duke)

2:20 RNZ's Bang and Black Sheep live shows

The creators and hosts of the popular RNZ podcasts BANG! and Black Sheep are heading to Christchurch to present a lively exchange of topics from sex and relationships, to crime and punishment, on stage at the Bread & Circus - World Buskers Festival.

William Ray and Melody Thomas tell us what's happening

Melody Thomas and William Ray promo portraits.

Photo: RNZ

2:30 Expert feature: Cannabis

There will be a binding referendum on personal use of cannabis at 2020 election, but there has been some concern we're moving too fast. We'll cover some of the wider the concerns on Wednesday in an interview with former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson.

But today we want to clear up some of the myths and discuss what legalising cannabis may mean here. We speak to Professor Benedikt Fischer from the University of Auckland's medical and Health Sciences department.

50549923 - marijuana background. cannabis joint, bud in plastic bag and hemp leaves on wooden table. addictive drug or alternative medicine.

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3:10 Dr Michael Mosley on intermittent fasting

Dr Michael Mosley doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.  When the BBC host and champion of intermittent fasting started seeing new research about the benefits of an 800 calorie a day diet,  he gained weight just to see if he could lose it with this new approach.

He says 800 is the magic number to  trigger changes in the metabolism that produce real health benefits . He shares the science behind the diet and tricks to stick with it in his new book called  The Fast 800: How to Combine Rapid Weight Loss and intermittent Fasting for Long Term Health.  

Michael Mosley

Michael Mosley Photo: (Romas Foord)

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