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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Monday 24 December 2018

Happy Christmas Eve. Today is our final show for 2018, but we are back on Monday 21st January!

1:10 First song: Carson Taare performing Wicked Game with Gray Bartlett

1:15 Is social media warping society?

Some people moan about the media - but Wellington writer Danyl McLaughlan reckons its social media companies like Facebook and Google that are warping society

And he has some suggestions around what we can do about it.

You can read his piece on The Spinoff here

Mini lego Kakapo

Mini lego Kakapo Photo: Supplied/ Hayden Pickford

1:25 The campaign for Lego to make a Kākāpō set

Hayden Pickford designed and built a lego kākāpō out of pieces from other sets.

He then submitted it to the Lego Ideas website, and if it achieves 10,000 supporters then Lego will review the design and it may become an official product to be sold worldwide.

Last week it got to 5,000 supporters and has 600 days to get to 10,000. If you want to lend your support you can click here to sign up

Hayden Pickford's lego Kakapo

Hayden Pickford's lego Kakapo Photo: Supplied/ Hayden Pickford

1:35 Re-gifting all year round

In a suburb of Palmerston Crissy Shiels house is brimming with gifts - but none of them are for her or her family. She collects unwanted gifts and other items and then gives them away free to people who need them

It's called Pass it On Manawatu

1:40 Great album: The Love Actually soundtrack

2:10 Best of NZ Live 2018

Our studio engineers in Auckland and Wellington; Andre Upston, Darryl Stack and Phil Benge chose their favourite songs from our NZ Live sessions this year:

The D4 - What You Want

Nomad - All Along  

Amber Maya - Salt

Bill Hickman - Mr Mercedes

Tami Neilson - A Woman's Pain

Jamie McDell - Slow Dream Boat

Ebb and Sparrow - Prodigal

Earth to Zena - Crooked Mouths

Openside - No Going Back

Lawrence Arabia - Everybody Wants Something

Mel Parsons - Breaking

Avantdale Bowling Club - Years Gone By

3:10 The Panel Christmas Special