Invisible Gorilla: Chris Chabris

You might remember seeing a psychological test involving monkey suits and basketballs online. Christopher Chabris is one of the guys behind this, and now co-author of 'The Invisible Gorilla: and other ways our intuition deceives us'.

Food questions: dried pasta and soy milk

Is there really any difference between all the different brands of dried pasta on the market (apart from the price!)? Plus why consumers have to pay more for coffee made with soy milk. Allan Hardacre of Massey University and James O'Connell-Cooper of Mojo Coffee.

Proverbial Wallets

John Kestner of the MIT Media Lab is working on wallets that can talk to your bank. So the less money you have in your account the harder it is to open and every time a transaction is processed it vibrates like a phone.

The Better Marriage Blanket

Frank Bibbo's Better Marriage Blanket promises to save relationships from the scourge of nocturnal flatulence. Plus Professor Roger Lentle on the science of breaking wind.

Foraging: cabbage tree

We're foraging for free food with Johanna Knox. This week, cordyline australis aka the cabbage tree or Ti Kouka.

Methane power in Rwanda

In Rwanda they've found a way to generate power from all the methane bubbling up through Lake Kivu. Xan Rice reports.