The science of toast

The science of toast and why are some breads better for toasting than others? Allan Hardacre of Massey University's Institute of Food Nutrition and amp; Human Health explains.

World's biggest wind turbine

Professor Feargal Brennan's the head of offshore engineering at Cranfield University and is part of a team that's trying to develop the biggest wind turbines on the planet.

Food Additives: emulsifiers

More food additives with Associate Professor Matt Golding of Massey University. This week, emulsifiers crop up in everything from chocolate and bread to mayonnaise and ice cream. So what are they there for?


A.J. Liskiewicz is based in Buffalo and he's following the amazing growth of the game Farmville in Facebook. It's meant to be the world's most popular computer game.

Google Maps

John Gravois is writing about some of the geo-political disputes Google's been getting dragged into with its free mapping software, Google Maps.

Tech News: Net neutrality

Bill Thompson beams in with bits and bytes from the world of technology. This week, net neutrality: the concept that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally.

The Facebook Effect

Writer and technology journalist David Kirkpatrick got access to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook staff to research his book 'The Facebook Effect'. So what did he find out?