Fish: Paul Greenberg

From sushi to smoked salmon we're eating more fish than ever. Paul Greenberg's just written 'Four Fish: the story of fishing and what's left to eat'

Bumpology: Pain and blokes

New Scientist's Linda Geddes is a few weeks away from giving birth. This week she's looking at how males respond to their partner's pregnancy. Plus why do some women find giving birth a more painful experience than others?

Food: Vinegar and mouldy jam

Professor Phil Bremer of the University of Otago on why vinegar sometimes goes cloudy and/or lumpy. Plus is re-boiling mouldy jam such a good idea?

Pests: Mice

Pest controller Paul Chapman checks out a mouse infestation at a block of flats. Plus Dr Carolyn King of Waikato University on its lifestyle and habits.

Preserving Virtual Worlds

Jerome McDonough is overseeing the Preserving Virtual Worlds project which is archiving some of the world's most popular video games, from Doom to Second Life.

India: Saffron and cosmetic surgery

The Indian saffron industry, based in Kashmir, is struggling to survive. Plus more students opt for cosmetic surgery to land that dream job. Jason Burke reports.