Water sprays on veggies

Listener food questions with Professor Julian Heyes of Massey University. Why do supermarkets spray water and mist on their fruit and veg? Plus strangely sprouting tomatoes: are frog genes to blame?

Nicholas Carr: The Shallows

Nicholas Carr's book The Shallows suggests the internet is changing the way we think, read and remember.

Italy: Nutella ban?

There's rumours the sugary chocolate and hazelnut spread could be banned by the European Union. John Hooper lives in Rome.

Inflatable movie extras

Joe Biggins blows up movie extras every day. He's got an inflatable crowd of 40,000 on his books!

Motion capture in computer games

Keith Stuart of the Guardian reports. With gamers expecting more realistic sports simulation games, every move gets recorded with the latest motion capture technology. So every wave to the crowd and goal celebration matches the real-life player!

Sauces: Piccalilli

Maggie Forest continues our series on famous sauces and condiments . Piccalilli is the mustard vegetable pickle coloured yellow with turmeric that dates back to Roman times.

Internet addiction in South Korea

The ancient sport of sumo is having more image problems. Plus the South Korean government's unveiled ambitious plans to help the estimated 2 million Koreans it claims are addicted to the internet. Justin McCurry reports.