Geoengineering: Jeff Goodell

Geoengineering is the science of using technology to change the earth's climate. Jeff Goodell's new book 'How To Cool The Planet' explores the ideas out there.

Spices: Nutmeg

Forget about Kiwisaver or your retirement savings plan, once upon a time all you needed was a couple of nutmegs to set you up for life. Alison Sandle with the history and uses of nutmeg.

Touchy decisions

The role of touch in our decision making, Josh Ackerman's shown that sitting on a hard seat when negotiating a deal means you more likely to stick to your guns when it comes to price.

Tech news: iPhone 4 and Google gaming

Bill Thompson beams in with technology news and we're looking at the problematic launch of Apple's iPhone 4. Also Google moves into online gaming.

Selling potatoes to China

Lauren Keane of the Washington Post on the attempts being made to persuade the Chinese to eat less rice and more potatoes.

World's most expensive instrument

Geoffrey Fushi of the Chicago violin trader Bein and amp; Fushi is selling the world's most expensive musical instrument. It's worth about US$18 million and it's a violin: but it's not a Stradavarius.