Watery diet

New research shows that drinking water before a meal can help you lose more weight. Dr Brenda Davy of Virginia Tech led the study.

Kaimoana: Snapper

Rachel Taulelei on snapper, the popular recreational species that's worth millions in exports.

Recycled island

Dutch architect Ramon Knoester wants to recycle the plastic floating in our oceans to build an island home for 500,000 people. Plus Kara Lavender Law, lead author of a 22-year study looking at the build-up of plastic rubbish in the Atlantic Ocean.

Connected: Nicholas Christakis

Nicholas Christakis is a Professor of Sociology at Harvard who studies how our social networks operate. We speak to him about his book 'Connected: the amazing power of social networks'.

Tech news: Privacy, Google Phone and Samsung's Galaxy Tab

Bill Thompson with details of a proposed new privacy law in Germany. Plus Google makes a move into the world of internet telephony and Samsung's new tablet computer.