Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals

Writer Ray Moynihan says that soon you'll be hearing a lot more about an emerging condition called 'Female Sexual Dysfunction'. He says it's the clearest example yet of the corporate-sponsored selling of sickness.

Urban farming in Detroit

Detroit was once the proud capital of the US auto industry but sadly these days parts of it resemble a post-industrial wasteland. Mark Dowie on the vibrant urban farming movement that could transform it into the world's first truly self-sufficient city.

Virgin vs extra virgin olive oil

Studies in the US and Australia show lots of what's being sold as extra virgin olive oil doesn't make the grade. Marie Wong of Massey University has some tips on how to tell that the stuff we pay more for in the shops is the real deal.


If you've ever sent or received a rude-sounding email then Tonecheck could be for you. It's like a spell-checker for emotive words and phrases and Matt Eldridge is its founder and CEO.

World's biggest tidal power turbine

The world's largest tidal turbine for generating electricity has just been lowered into the sea off Scotland. We're speaking to Tim Cornelius of Atlantis Resources.