Spices: Pepper

The world's most popular spice, pepper, with Alison Sandle. You used to be able to pay the rent with it!

Death of the web

Chris Anderson, the editor-in-chief of the tech mag Wired, reckons the web is dead.

Lamb vs hogget

Meat scientist Roger Purchas of Massey University on the differences between lamb, hogget and mutton. So how can you tell if your lamb's a bit long in the tooth?

Google Maps design

Patrick Hofmann's a user experience designer working on Google Maps. His job is to decide how wide things like roads should be on the map and come up with icons and easily understandable symbols for things like hospitals and places of worship.

History of NZ restaurants

We're dining out on the history of the restaurant in New Zealand with food historian Perrin Rowland. She's been studying how the local dining scene has evolved from Maori markets, through hotel dining rooms, wine bars, and BYO to today's smorgasbord of different cuisines.