Your brain on computers

What happens when 5 neuroscientists head into a remote area of Utah without cellphones, emails or laptops? Matt Richtel's watching the start of some research into how technology changes the way we think and behave.

Food: fresh vs frozen veggies?

Fresh or frozen veggies: which are most nutritious? And why is vegetable oil being applied to our dried fruit? Professor Julian Heyes of Massey University has the answers.

Tech news: IE9, digital TV and Nokia

Bill Thompson beams in with news of the beta launch of Microsoft's new web browser Internet Explorer 9. Plus switching over from analog to digital TV, and Nokia attempts to turn its fortunes around.

Adventures Among Ants: Mark Moffett

Mark Moffett's a bit like an insect-loving Indiana Jones who's been all over the world studying and photographing ants for his new book 'Adventures Among Ants'. We're speaking about the amazingly intricate social structures these tiny creatures inhabit.

Pests: Ants

We tackle ants from a slightly different perspective - as a household pest. Pest controller Paul Chapman heads out with us on the hunt for a colony of white-footed ants in someone's home.