GM salmon

Will the US approve the world's first genetically modified animal for human consumption? Writer Paul Greenberg's been following the story of the AquAdvantage salmon, designed to grow twice as quickly as conventional salmon.


We're tasting vinegars with Maggie Forest. So what's the difference between a cheap balsamic vinegar and something more pricey off the top shelf?

Male lamb taste taint?

Culinary questions and food facts and is there a taste difference (aka a ram taint) between male and female lamb meat? Dr Nicola Schreurs is a lecturer in Ruminant Nutrition at Massey University.

Falling iPod sales and the music biz

iPod sales are on the decline and so are paid digital downloads. Charles Arthur, the technology editor at the Guardian, looks at the implications for the music industry.

Book: When A Billion Chinese Jump

Jonathan Watts lives in Beijing and in his book 'When A Billion Chinese Jump' he looks at how the developed world's appetite for consumer goods is transforming China's environment.

Should you stretch before exercise?

You'll often see joggers, cyclists and footy players bending and stretching enthusiastically before starting any physical activity. But does all this limbering up actually achieve anything? Malachy McHugh's been reviewing a decade's worth of stretching research.