Spencer Wells: birth of farming

Spencer Wells is the author of 'Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilisation'. In it he suggests the most important moment in human history was when we stopped hunting and gathering and started growing our own food.

Kaimoana: Whitebait

Whitebait's the fingerling that's lovely fried. Continuing our fish series with Rachel Taulelei.

Tech news

Bill Thompson on the lawyer's letters being sent to lots of UK computer users who are suspected of downloading a few tracks illegally or watching a bit of porn on the home PC. Plus the words on Google's blacklist- from amateur to yiffy.

Carnivorous plants

Peter D'Amato's the man behind one of the largest carnivorous plant retailers in the world. He has literally thousands of these for sale, and they're all hungry!

Email discount offers

Daily emails offering you mouth-watering bargains on everything from ice creams to ski passes are becoming a part of many people's inbox traffic. Sheldon Nesdale is looking at the sector: so how does it work and what can you do when things go wrong?

Plastic fantastic

Peter Lewis is turning plastic rubbish into building blocks in Dunedin.