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8:12 England's lifting of Covid lockdowns increases the risk of new variants emerging 

Joining us again on Sunday Morning is New Zealander Dr Gary McLean, Professor in molecular immunology at London Metropolitan University and also a researcher with Imperial College. He's an international authority on coronaviruses. Dr McLean is with us to cover off all of the latest Covid-19 news and developments.  

Gary McLean

Gary McLean Photo: Supplied

8:37 The ultimate stair climb to fight blood cancer

Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand are fundraising to fight blood cancer by getting people to climb up to 5000 steps at New Zealand's largest sporting stadium - Eden Park. The challenge kicks off at 8am and will see 445 participants working up a sweat to support the cause. Every day, seven Kiwis are told the devastating news they have blood cancer. Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ are there to ensure they aren't alone on their journey to recovery. We cross live to the event to find out what's taking place.

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8:41 The Panel with Paula Penfold and Louis Houlbrooke 

Among other topics today, our panellists will be looking at the troubling rise of violence and violent incidents in New Zealand, whether Kiwis are working too hard, and National's new 'demand the debate' billboard campaign and Judith Collins' assertion that Kiwis are being left out of important decisions made by the Labour Government. 

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9:06 Mediawatch

This week Mediawatch looks at how New Zealand on Air is spending public money on 'public interest journalism'  - and how public money for the Mongrel Mob triggered opposition. Also - media coverage of shortages in the labour market.

Mongrel mob member puts on patch for the first time.

Mongrel mob member puts on patch for the first time. Photo: Supplied/ Jarrod Gilbert


9:49 A cup of coffee a day may keep Covid away 

New research out of Northwestern University has found that drinking one or more cups of coffee per day is associated with about a 10% decrease in risk of Covid-19, compared to less than one cup daily. The study also found that the consumption of more vegetables, and less processed meats, could similarly cut the risk of infection. Study co-author Dr. Marilyn Cornelis joins the show to discuss the findings. 

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10:06 Why we need to rethink our attitude toward moving 

We move around 30% less than our counterparts in the 1960s, while children spend up to 50% of their time sedentary. Indeed, we live in a time when movement has become more voluntary than ever before. But that's not what our bodies and minds were designed for. Science writer and author Caroline Williams says movement is something we need to build back into our lives, especially with new research showing that the link between exercise and the brain goes a lot deeper than we might think. In her new book Move!: The New Science of Body, Williams looks into the power of human movement and how we can harness it to optimise our brain health. 

Science writer and author Caroline Williams.

Science writer and author Caroline Williams. Photo: Supplied/Caroline Williams

10:41 My Current Song: Luke Buda, 'Here Comes The Wind' 

The Phoenix Foundation's Luke Buda will release his third solo album 'Buda' in October. It's been a long time between drinks for the Wellington musician on the solo front, with the new album coming more than 12 years after his last offering. The first single 'Here Comes The Wind' was released last month and sees Buda reunite with the  Wellington novelist and poet Damien Wilkins. The track initially began its life as part of the score for the New Zealand film This Town, but it didn't end up making the cut, so Buda gladly carried the song over to his new album. 

Wellington musician Luke Buda

Wellington musician Luke Buda Photo: Dan Robinson

11:05 Complete connection: the 75-year evolution of the mobile phone 

It seems hard to think of a time when we didn't all have a cellphone in our pockets or strapped to our hips, but it might surprise you to learn that the very first mobile phone call -- with equipment that filled much of a car's trunk -- took place 75 years ago. Daniel Bliss is a professor of Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. He's with us to look at how cellphone technology has developed over the last three-quarters of a century. 

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11:35 Calling Home: Philip Toogood on Denarau Island 

When Philip Toogood and wife Julie arrived in Fiji in 2006 it was only with the intention of being there for three years. Fifteen years later, the couple remain at home on Denarau Island, outside of Nadi, where they run the Fijian Bayleys Real Estate franchise. Philip, whose father was the beloved New Zealand entertainer Selwyn Toogood, is now a Fijian citizen and admits he supports Fiji in sevens rugby, though he remains a committed All Blacks fan when it comes to 15s. He's Calling Home this morning.