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8:12 Kiwi arrives in Haiti the day before president's assassination 

New Zealander Rachel Scott-Leflaive knew what she was getting herself into when she signed on to undertake a United Nations mission in Haiti, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that within 24 hours of touching down in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, the country's president, Jovenel Moïse, would be assassinated at his home. Rachel is with us from Haiti to give an update on what's happening there.   

This picture of President of Haiti Jovenel Moïse (R) and first lady Martine Moïse (L) was taken last year for the official ceremony of Haiti's 10th earthquake anniversary in Port-au-Prince.

Photo: AFP

8:20 Most New Zealanders want scanning made compulsory 

There is suggestion that the government may tighten Covid-19 rules around wearing masks and face coverings and the use of the NZ Covid Tracer (or signing in), including making Covid-19-related scanning compulsory in certain circumstances. Research New Zealand has taken the pulse of the nation, measuring New Zealanders' attitudes towards the idea of wearing masks and scanning being compulsory. Research NZ managing partner Emanuel Kalafatelis joins Karyn to discuss. 

A person using the Covid Tracer app

Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

8:26 Euro 2020 final preview with Andrew Clay   

The seemingly unthinkable has happened in the sporting world, with England making it through to tomorrow morning's Euro 2020 final against Italy at Wembley Stadium in London. Considered by many to be the great chokers of international football, England advanced after a controversial extra time finish against crowd favourties Denmark, while the Italians went through after beating Spain on penalties. Comedian, Kristin Head of Football and co-head coach of Northern Rovers premier women's team, Andrew Clay offers his analysis.  

England's forward Harry Kane celebrates after scoring a goal during the UEFA EURO 2020 semi-final football match between England and Denmark at Wembley Stadium in London on July 7, 2021.

Photo: AFP

8:35 The Panel with Sam Stubbs and Ali Jones 

Among other topics this morning, our panelists will be discussing the sudden axing of a sports producer after a controversial column about women's rugby, widespread criticism of the Fair Pay Agreements and acceptable names for children. 

Chiefs prop Tanya Kalounivale on the charge

Chiefs prop Tanya Kalounivale on the charge Photo: Photosport

9:06 Mediawatch

Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Hayden Donnell

9:39 Calling Home: Matt Couper in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas - or 'Sin City' as it's also known - isn't the first place that springs to mind when you think about artists moving somewhere to seek refuge or inspiration, but it's been a home base for Hawke's Bay-born artist Matt Couper and his wife J.K. Russ, who is also a New Zealand artist, for a decade now. The couple own a property in Las Vegas and sometimes collaborate together. He's Calling Home this morning. 

New Zealand artist Matt Couper rises in Las Vegas, Nevada.

New Zealand artist Matt Couper rises in Las Vegas, Nevada. Photo: Supplied/Matt Couper Facebook

10:04 Seven reasons why spouses lie about money

When we think of infidelity our minds go straight to the bedroom, but financial infidelity can be just as devastating - if not more so. Financial experts, therapists and divorce lawyers agree; the reasons for financial infidelity fall into seven key categories. Lawyer Jeremy Sutton from Bastion Chambers focuses on relationship property, including financial infidelity, and he joins us in the studio to discuss the seven reasons and how to avoid it happening to you.

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10:35  My Current Song: Shannen Georgia Petersen, 'Home Again 4'

Palmerston North native Shannen Georgia Petersen released her single 'Home Again 4' in May and has just finished touring with the Kiwi duo Carb on Carb. When she's not producing her own music she's performing as a duo in Fruit Juice Parade and Sports Dreams. The talented artist currently lives in Wellington and has been performing under her own name since 2016.

Shannen Georgia Petersen

Shannen Georgia Petersen Photo: Supplied

10:41 Online learning means we have to re-evaluate our definition of 'cheating'

Due to the pandemic, universities had to conduct exams remotely and online in entirely trust-based systems. Students began forming their own ways of working and systems for information exchange which evidently resulted in cheating scandals - including at the University of Auckland. The online learning revolution has raised a question; Is it cheating, or using initiative? University Teaching Consultant Linda Rowan explores the issue and whether we need to adapt to our new reality and change our outdated definition of cheating.

21790139 - writing hands of students at course

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11:05 Still going strong after all these years 

It's been almost 50 years since New Zealand musician John Hanlon rose to prominence with the release of his iconic song 'Damn the Dam', which was originally recorded as a jingle for an advertisement. The song was adopted by environmentalists as a protest song for the Save Manapōuri Campaign. Hanlon is about to release his 10th full album featuring 23 songs (whittled down from 40), called Naked Truths

Kiwi musician John Hanlon

Kiwi musician John Hanlon Photo: Supplied/John Hanlon

11:41 Flying car completes first intercity test flight 

A prototype flying car developed by Klein Vision has completed a 35-minute test flight between two airports in Slovakia. The hybrid car-aircraft named Aircar has a BMW engine and runs on regular petrol-pump fuel. Klein-Vision co-founder Anton Zajac joins us from Slovakia to talk about his revolutionary creation. 

Anton Zajac - Co-founder of Klein Vision (Left)

Anton Zajac - Co-founder of Klein Vision (Left) Photo: Supplied