18 Jul 2021

Why we need to rethink our attitude toward moving

From Sunday Morning, 10:04 am on 18 July 2021

We move around 30% less than our counterparts in the 1960s, while children spend up to 50% of their time sedentary. Indeed, we live in a time when movement has become more voluntary than ever before. But that's not what our bodies and minds were designed for. Science writer and author Caroline Williams says movement is something we need to build back into our lives, especially with new research showing that the link between exercise and the brain goes a lot deeper than we might think. In her new book Move!: The New Science of Body, Williams looks into the power of human movement and how we can harness it to optimise our brain health.

Science writer and author Caroline Williams.

Science writer and author Caroline Williams. Photo: Supplied/Caroline Williams