31 Jul 2016

Fiona Kidman's new novel

From Standing Room Only, 2:40 pm on 31 July 2016
Dame Fiona Kidman

Dame Fiona Kidman Photo: Dame Fiona Kidman

All Day At The Movies

All Day At The Movies Photo: All Day At The Movies

Dame Fiona Kidman has written a family epic that also covers this country's history during a time of huge change.  In All Day at the Movies, a young widow comes to Motueka with her little girl to start a new life in the early 1950s, leaving life as a librarian to work on the tobacco fields. Nothing goes according to plan, and decisions she makes will have profound conseqences for all her children throughout their lives.  Lynn Freeman talks to Dame Fiona, and Liz Banas reads from the novel.