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8:10 Today in New Zealand History

4 November 1860, death of surgeon and author, Arthur Thomson 3'04"

8:15 Somebody Loves Me

Enrico Garay CD Stebbing Zodiac 004 3'05"

8:20 William Craig at Wellington Post Office 1950s


8:24 Homework

8:26 Musician Bob Barcham recalls his 1940s experiences

Part 1 8'29"

8:35 Longing For You

Ellen Vann CD Stebbing Zodiac 004 2'54"

8:38 Point of View

David Delaney chairs a December 1959 Point of View programme in which American scientist Linus Pauling discuss nuclear issues with John Reid (New Zealand's head of radio research) and Keith Jackson of Otago University. 15'53"

8:56 The Floral Dance (Moss)

Oscar Natzka CD Atoll ACD 801 3'04"

9:10 As I Remember

An Army of a Different Kind by Cliff Couch, read by Phil Smith. 2'42"

9:15 As I Remember

The Invasion of Whangateau by Ina Shaw, read by Hannah Darroch. 4'52"

9:20 Homework

9:23 Island in the Sun

Les Andrews Private CD 6'37"

9:30 Bookshelf

No Fear of Flying by W W L Clague
C&G Publishing
ISBN 978 0 4732 1077 9

9:32 A 1950s talk

Douglas Cresswell tells of the connections between writer Samuel Butler and the high country station, Mesopotamia. 6'53".

9:39 Farewell to Geraldine (Fleming/Garland)

Phil Garland CD Kiwi SLC 178 4'16"

9:44 Book of the Week

A Fabled Land - the story of Canterbury's famous Mesopotamia Station by Bruce Ansley and Peter Bush.
Random House
ISBN 978 1877 460 630

Bruce Ansley gives his impressions of the station and its history.