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8:09 Today in New Zealand History

11 November 1918 Armistice Day. 4'26"

8:16 Homework

The Auckland University Press Anthology of New Zealand Literature, edited by Jane Stafford and Mark Williams

8:18 Choo Choo Samba

Santos Romero and his Orchestra CD

Stebbing Zodiac 004 2'35"

8:21 Motoring Pioneers of New Zealand

In November 1912 the first motor car journey from Wellington to Auckland was made and it has been re-enacted in the past week. An episode from "Motoring Pioneers of New Zealand" a dramatisation of the original journey. 13'19"

8:37 My Africa Star (Cleveland)

Les Cleveland and the D Day Dodgers

LP Kiwi LA 3 2'57"

8:39 The Veterans of El Alamein

Andrew McRae accompanies old soldiers who returned to the desert battlefields to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein last month. 20'30"

9:06 As I Remember

Christ's College at War, by Roger Ridley-Smith of Wellington


9:16 The Royal New Zealand Air Force March (Simpson)

The Band of the Royal New Zealand Air Force

LP Salem XPS 5060 2'36'

9:19 The Sounds of 1940

Narrated by John Snagg

LP Oriole MG 20021 4'10"

9:23 Homework

9:25 As I Remember

Family Holidays in the late 1940s by Kathleen Anderson of Christchurch, read by Ashleigh Wynne. 1'48"

9:27 Bookshelf

Flax and the Flax Industry in the South, by Lloyd Esler
ISBN 978 0 473 21094 6

Family Business - An Italian-New Zealand Story by Vincent Moleta
Canterbury University Press
ISBN 9781927 145333

9:30 Phil the Fluter's Ball (French)

Peter Dawson CD ASV AJA 5431 2'47"

9:34 New Zealand's oldest radio station 4XD (Radio Dunedin) is 90 years old

Lindsay Rackley and Neil Collins share memories of their careers with the station.

9:48 Yodelling Song

Tex Morton

LP MSX 7766

9:53 They're Coming To Take Me Away (Ha Ha) Samuels

Napoleon XIV

CD Rhino r2 72402 25'08"