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8:11 Today in New Zealand History

Five hundred Chinese Coffins - 28 October 1902 3'31"

8:16 Somebody Loves Me

Enrico Gray CD Stebbing Zodiac Zodiac 004 3'07"

8:20 Homework

8:24 Under the Clock

A 1950s documentary about the operations of the Post Office in Wellington and Alexandra. 35'47"

9:08 As I Remember - Bedpans and Blood Tests - Part Two

Written by Lorraine Wilson of Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, read by Rebecca Blundell. 7'16"

9:17 Shine Through My Dreams (Novello)

North Shore Ladies Choir Tk 15 3'21"

9:21 Homework

9:25 Wilson Whineray,

All Black captain who died during the week, recalls his early rugby career in conversation with Peter Sellers. 9'04"

9:34 Scotland Forever (Shackleton)

Roger Wilson, Charles Wilson and Grant Tilly (narrator). Ernest Shackleton describes the 1907-09 expedition.

Book of the Week

Shackleton's Whisky by Neville Peat.
Random House
ISBN 978 1 86979 946 5