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8:08 Today in New Zealand History

First Contingent for South Africa - 21 October 1899 4'24"

8:14 Wellington Boy's Institute Band at the 1955 championships

Salvator 3'24"

8:18 Homework

8:20 Earnslaw Theme (Goodwin)

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra CD EMI 434649 3'32"

8:24 TSS Earnslaw

This weekend the "Lady of the Lake" TSS Earnslaw has been celebrating one hundred years on Lake Wakatipu. Captain George Herbert, master during the 1940s, recalls his time on the ship and Jim Sullivan joins skipper Ray Green on a 1987 voyage on the ship during its 75th anniversary. 32'30"

TSS Earnslaw - Celebrating 100 Years 1912 - 2012 by Jenny McLeod
Real Journeys
ISBN 978 0 473 21129 5

8:58 Earnslaw Theme (Goodwin)

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra CD EMI 434649 3'32"

9:07 As I Remember

Bedpans and Blood Tests by Lorraine Wilson of Blockhouse Bay, Auckland. Part One. Read by Rebecca Blundell. 5'05"

9:15 James Bond Theme (Norman)

The Invaders CD Ascension 110282 3'24"

9:19 Homework

9:22 The Battle of El Alamein took place 70 years ago this week

In these recordings Arch Curry describes the action, Ron Walker talks about pre-battle activity and Lieutenant H W Wilkinson describes the work of the field bakery. 11'41"

9:34 Hawaiian War Chant (Freed)

Spike Jones and the City Slickers CD RCA 367814 3'08"

9:39 The story of a Kiwi pub opening in Chelsea, London, in May 1989

The Southern Cross - introduced by Maggie Barry from "Morning Report" 3'08"

9:44 Book of the Week

The Good Shepherd - the life of Bishop Ben Boyle by Claire Ramsay
ISBN 978 0 473 21382 4

Bishop Len Boyle remembers his Nightcaps boyhood. 14'50"

9:59 Suddenly (Southgate)

Radio New Zealand Orchestra LP Music World LTV 13