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Sounds Historical Rundown Sunday 12 October 2008

8:10 Today in New Zealand History

Hawke's Bay invaded 1866.

8:16 Julie Anne (Sunde)

The Maritime
Crew CD Manu 2016

8:22 Headlines of 1913 - read by John Craig

Kangaroo Hop (Williams)
Billy Williams LP WRC SH 221

8:28 The Southern Cross Private CD

William Gray, Civic Theatre Christchurch, 1951

8:35 A Sound Life - Peter Downes recalls his radio days. Part 3.

9:00 News

9:05 As I Remember

Coronation Parade by Don Byrne
Read by Richard Scott

9:15 Maori Battalion March

Band of 5 Infantry Brigade
CD Atoll ADA 206A

9:16 Homework

9:17 Mister and Mississippi (Gordon)

Frazer Daly with the Rivers Sisters and Astor Trio
78 Tanza Z110

9:33 Waikakahi by Douglas Cresswell

1950s talk on South Canterbury station

9:41 Book of the Week:A Distant Feast - the Origins of New Zealand's Cuisine by Tony Simpson

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