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Sounds Historical for 19 October 2008

8:08 Introduction

8:11 Today in New Zealand History

The first Labour Day - 1899.

8:18 Phil the Fluter's Ball (French)

Ben McDonald
Private CD

8:25 Obituaries

Graeme Thomson, Dick Hereford and Murray Henderson
Graeme Thomson reminisces.

Blue Smoke (Karaitiana)
Pixie Williams CD
BMG 74321 39283

Abide with Me (Lyte)
Peter Baillie (tenor) and Peter Averi (organ)
LP Kiwi LC 14

8:35 A Sound Life

Peter Downes remembers his 60 years in radio production. Episode 4, covering light entertainment programmes of the early 1950s

9:00 News

9:08 As I Remember

The Time of My Friendship with Pat by Evan Gurson of Rotorua. Read by David Knowles.

9:15 Homework

The search for your favourite New Zealand song.

9:19 Old Comrades March (Teike)

Band of the New Zealand Army

9:26 Douglas Cresswell on the McLean brothers, run holders.

Part 2

9:34 Old Station Days (Trad)

Phil Garland
CD Kiwi SLC 239 3'25"

9:38 Book - Jessie's Story

Jessie Rosier
Vintage Publications
ISBN 978-0-473-13823-3 16'41"

9:57 Be My Little baby Bumble Bee (Murphy)

Jean McPherson and Garth Young Trio
CD BMG 74321 39283M

9:59 Outro