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Sounds Historical Rundown October 5 2008

8:08 Intro

8:10 Today in New Zealand History

5 October 1871, Death of "Dog's Ear"

8:16 The First Dog Trails in New Zealand, Wanaka 1869

Read by Jim Sullivan.

8:19 The Muster from Wayleggo! (Cheeseman)

NZBC Symphony Orchestra LP Kiwi SLC 74

8:25 Sullivan's Century - Headlines of 1931 read by Elizabeth Alley

Don't Know Why, I Just Do
Layton and Johnston

8:31 Bookshelf: Old Waipiata

Jim Sullivan
Rock and Pillar Press
ISBN 978-047313364-1

8:33 Peter Downes recalls "A Life in Sound" - Part Two.

9:00 News

9:06 As I Remember

Poems from Grandma's Garden by Christine Benson, read by Pru Langbein.

9:14 Opo The Crazy Dolphin (Murdoch)

Pat McMinn
CD BMG 74321 39283

9:18 Bookshelf: March To The Sound of the Guns

Ray Grover
ISBN 978-1-877460-01-2

9:22 Fascination Medley

Oswald Cheeseman Singers
LP Kiwi LC 16

9:27 Don't Breathe a Word

A 1975 programme about the Maori nose flute 14'00"'

9:38 Book of the Week: Going Bush - New Zealanders and Nature in the Twentieth Century by Kirstie Ross

Jim Sullivan talks to the author of a history of New Zealanders and their relationship with the "bush".
Auckland University Press
ISBN 978 -1-86940-424-6