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On Thursday at 3.10pm we will discuss Reflections in a Moving Surface by Vincent O'Sullivan.

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1:10 First song: Jazz Guitarist, Bill Frisell performs live for Music 101

1:15 Looking After Your Nuts & Bolts

Looking After Your Nuts & Bolts: Kiwi Men's Health Guide is journalist, broadcaster and sportswriter, Phil Gifford's, twenty fifth book. And he says it's his most important. It was released last week, as Men's Health Month kicked off, to encourage men to start talking about their health more. Phil says he's not suggesting a switch to silverbeet sandwiches, organic oat bran enemas, kale smoothies, or naked sweat lodge fasting.

1:25 Aupito - The High Chief

Aupito - The High Chief is a new documentary, of an intimate encounter with a Samoan family in transition. The film has been released on RNZ's website, The Wireless, today. It is directed by filmmaker, Ursula Grace Williams.

1:35 Sound Archives - The Battle of Messines

One hundred years ago today, New Zealand soldiers took part in the Battle of Messines in World War One. Messines or Mesen, was a small town in Belgium but it became a familiar place-name here on the other side of the world because of the battle in which 700 Kiwis died and 3,000 were injured. Several men who survived the battle, recorded their memories about it for radio and today with Sarah Johnston we are going to listen to some of those memories which are held in the sound archives of Nga Taonga Sound & Vision. You can listen to the full recordings on Ngā Taonga's WWI website

1:40 Movie Soundtrack: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

We're playing great movie soundtracks this week, and many listeners have recommended this one.

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Photo: You Tube

2:10 Is this the Brighter Future?

It wasn't all that long ago that roast lamb, fish and chips, pies and lamingtons ruled the Kiwi diet.

But an explosion in New Zealand's culinary scene over the last decade has diversified our tastebuds and introduced us to food from all over the world.

And more often than not, the person behind that plate of mi goreng or bowl of ramen, is an immigrant.

As part of RNZ's election year series, Is this the Brighter Future?, reporter Sarah Robson has been out talking to some of those chefs about what spurred them on to share their cuisine with the rest of us.

Yael Shochat (R)

Yael Shochat (R) Photo: Supplied / Ima Cuisine

2:20 Music Critic: Colin Morris

The Unthanks

The latest album from The Unthanks Photo: Supplied

Colin has new music from English Folk group The Unthanks who have produced an adventurous album channeling the works of Molly Drake, mother of the late Nick Drake.
He also has a track from Benjamin Booker's latest album "Motivation."

2:30 Bookmarks with Graeme Muller

The head of NZ Tech, Graeme Muller tells us about the launch of the New Zealand artificial intelligence Forum, and also tells us about his favourite books, movies, music and apps.

Graeme Muller - Tech NZ

Graeme Muller - Tech NZ Photo: Tech NZ

3:10 The power of day-dreaming

A little day dreaming, a little distraction and doodling on the edges of the paper can help you get a lot done. . Neuroscientist Dr Srini Pillay  makes the case for letting your mind wander to increase increase creativity and  productivity., He says research shows our brains can only take so much focus. 

His new book is called Tinker, Dabble, Doodle, Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind  

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3:35 RNZ Eyewitness

We all know the big story of the 1984 snap election; a drunken decision sees the ruling National Government thrown out and the reforming Labour Party voted in. Rogernomics, nuclear ship bans, a stock market crash and the biggest economic and social changes since the Second World War soon follow. 

But before all that, immediately after the election an unprecedented constitutional crisis gripped the country. Eyewitness producer Justin Gregory takes us back to the winter of 1984 when for three days it was unclear just who ruled New Zealand:

3:45 The Pre-Panel Story of the Day and One Quick Question

4:05 The Panel with Paula Penfold and Penny Ashton



Music played in this show

1:00pm - 4:00pm
Wednesday 7th June 2017

ARTIST:    Bill Frisell .
TITLE:      When You Wish Upon A Star.
COMP:     Leigh Harline, Ned Washington
ALBUM:   Unreleased
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington        

1:45pm - GREAT ALBUM:
ARTIST:    Sweet
TITLE:      Fox On The Run
COMP:     Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Andy Scott, Mick Tucker
ALBUM:   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
LABEL:    Hollywood

TITLE:      Mister Blue Sky
COMP:     Jeff Lynne
ALBUM:   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
LABEL:    Hollywood

ARTIST:    Parliament
TITLE:      Flash Light
COMP:     George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell
ALBUM:   Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
LABEL:    Hollywood

2:10pm - MUSIC CRITIC: Colin Morris
ARTIST:    The Unthanks
TITLE:      I Remember
COMP:     Molly Drake
ALBUM:   Songs And Poems From Molly Drake
LABEL:    Rabble Rouser

2:30pm - BOOKMARKS: Graeme Muller
ARTIST:    U2  
TITLE:      Sunday, Bloody Sunday
COMP:     Paul Hewson, David Evans, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jnr
ALBUM:   War
LABEL:    Island

ARTIST:    Benjamin Booker
TITLE:      Motivation
COMP:     James Booker
ALBUM:   Witness
LABEL:    Rough Trade

4:30pm - THE PANEL: Half Time Song
ARTIST:    Bryan Ferry
TITLE:      A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall
COMP:     Bob Dylan
ALBUM:   These Foolish Things
LABEL:    Island