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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 27 April 2016

Robert's sour dough bread recipe

Hi Jesse

This recipe is as easy as:

Flour of the variety to one's liking, approx 650g per loaf, seeds and spices (carraway is a good one), some half litre of lukewarm water and a pinch of salt. There is no need to be precise about these quantities, all you aim for is a reasonably sticky coherent texture, not too liquid. All is kneaded together by hand in a big bowl, that is the hard part and takes about 5 minutes.

The sourdough starter is a bacteria culture which lives in a small jar in the fridge, with the lid sitting loosely on top to allow breathing. Half gets diluted with hand-warm water and added to the dough.

The remainder of the starter culture stays in the jar and gets a bit of water and plain flour to make up for the volume loss. It can be divided and shared with other bakers, which is your insurance policy in case your own culture was to dry out or get contaminated by mould, which can happen if you are not meticulous with keeping your hands and used kitchen implements away from it.

The loaf moulds are filled to about 2/3 height and shoved into the oven on a middle position rack. The oven should be at a good room temperature or slightly above. In some ovens the trick is to leave the internal light on (without the fan! ) to achieve and maintain those warm and moist conditions the bacteria need to do their job.

That takes typically 12 hours, but it can be even longer if it's too cold. A "Do Not Disturb" sign at the oven door avoids the risen dough collapsing in the case of it getting exposed to vibration or cold draughts. It is very sensitive that way, and the moulds should not be touched until baking is complete.

Once the dough has risen to the top of the loaf moulds, the oven can be set to 200 C. Baking takes about 1 hour, depending on moisture content.

We use silicone moulds as the loaves come out easily immediately after the baking, without having to grease them too much, if at all.

If anyone wants some starter culture, they can email me under this address.


Robert Weber

1:15 Norfolk Islanders Present Petition At UN - Andre Nobbs

The residents of Norfolk Island have presented a petition to the United Nations accusing Australia of trying to re-colonise their island. The petition was delivered on Monday, in a last-ditch attempt to help it retain its status as an autonomous territory. This comes after Australia ended the island's limited self-government in July last year. The island is set to become a regional council under the auspices of New South Wales. Andre Nobbs is part of the management committee and is the former Norfolk Island Chief Minister.

1:25 Healthy Low Cost Bread - Professor Nick Wilson

How can we make healthier low-cost bread? A team at the University of Otago, in Wellington, has studied bread design from the perspective of reducing the risk of heart disease, while keeping ingredient costs down. Lead author Professor Nick Wilson and he's in the Wellington studio.

1:35 Sound Archives - Sarah Johnston

1990s fashion - apparently it is having a revival moment right now - with Taylor Swift saying chokers are the new must-have for girls and grungy flannel shirts are back in for the guys.  So what do our sound archives have to say on the subject?  Sarah Johnston from Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision has gone back to the source to see how fashion was covered on the radio in the 1990s.

1:40 Favourite Album

Marlon Williams - Marlon Williams.

2:10 Autonomous Car - Alain Brideson

A New Zealand designer is enjoying the attention of Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, who have been admiring a self-driving concept car he worked on.  

2:20 Bookmarks - Nicky Pellegrino

Bestselling international author Nicky Pellegrino tells us about a few of her favourite things on Bookmarks today.

3:10 Geoffonomics with Geoff Simmons

Our friendly economist, Geoff Simmons, debates the value of a land tax.

3:20 Manus Island - Alex Perrottet

The Australian government says detainees on Manus Island will not be brought to Australia despite a landmark court ruling against their detention by Papua New Guinea's highest court.  PNG's Supreme Court has ruled the detention of hundreds of asylum seekers on Manus breached their constitutional right to personal liberty.

3:25 History with Grant Morris

Legal historian Grant Morris looks at New Zealand's patterns of home ownership over the years. 

3:35 Our Changing World 

Rochelle Constantine from the University of Auckland tells Alison Ballance how electronic tagging at Raoul Island has revealed that humpback whales on their way south from their breeding grounds in Oceania head south-east to feeding grounds in the Amundsen and Bellinghausen Seas in Antarctica. 

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

What the world is talking about, with Jesse Mulligan and Zara Potts.

Music played in this show




ARTIST:         Neko Case, KD Lang, Laura Viers

TITLE:             Honey and Smoke

COMP:           Neko Case, KD Lang, Laura Viers

ALBUM:         Case/Lang/Viers

LABEL:          Download




ARTIST:         Marlon Williams

TITLE:             Hello Miss Lonesome

COMP:           Marlon Williams

ALBUM          Marlon Williams

LABEL           Dead Oceans


ARTIST:         Marlon Williams

TITLE:             Dark Child

COMP:           Marlon Williams

ALBUM          Marlon Williams

LABEL           Dead Oceans


ARTIST:         Marlon Williams

TITLE:             Lonely Side of Her

COMP:           Marlon Williams

ALBUM          Marlon Williams

LABEL           Dead Oceans


BOOKMARKS: NIcky Pellegrino:    


ARTIST:         Mario Lanza  (Feat: Luisa Di Meo)

TITLE:             Arrivederci Roma

COMP:           Renato Rascel, Pietro Garinei, Sandro Giovannini

ALBUM:         Seven Hills of Rome - Motion Picture Soundtrack

LABEL:          MGM


ARTIST:         Gerry and the Pacemakers

TITLE:             You'll Never Walk Alone

COMP:           Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II

ALBUM:         Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

LABEL:          Columbia


ARTIST:         Bic Runga

TITLE:             Beautiful Collision

COMP:           Bic Runga

ALBUM:         Beautiful Collision

LABEL:          Columbia




ARTIST:         Warren Zevon

TITLE:             Keep Me In Your Heart      

COMP:           Jorge Calderón, Warren Zevon

ALBUM:         The Wind      

LABEL:          Artemis