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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 13 March 2015

1:10 Your Song

The Moon And I.  Chosen by master carver, Bryan Verey, from Mangere Bridge in Auckland

1:20 NZ Live - Ezza Rose

Plugged in folk outfit Ezza Rose from portland Oregon perform live from the Auckland studios of Radio New Zealand

Ezza Rose- Lead vocals, songwriter, electric guitar  
Nate Hurst-keys, guitar, vocals  
Ethan Boardman-drums
Craig Rupert-guitar, vocals  

2:10 Cyclone Pam brings ideal surf conditions to Ultimate Waterman - Ben Kennings 

The first Ultimate Waterman competition kicks off this weekend - it's a multi-sport, iron-man type event for surfers who will compete in short and long-board, stand-up paddle board and Waka-ama.
Competitors from Hawaii, Tahiti, the USA and here in New Zealand will compete on the beaches of Auckland before heading to wherever the surf is up on Monday - this stage the plan is to hit the Coromandel.
We speak to keen surfer, and contest director, Ben Kennings

2:20 New Zealand Society - David Steemson

One of the  country's busiest  community law centres is getting bigger  despite its frozen funding. Waitemata Community  Law Centre  services  lower socio economic families free of charge,   it's one of twenty four centres in the country funded by central government

2:30 Festival Review - Justin Gregory

Justin and friends review the Auckland Arts Festival

2:45 Feature album

Al Jarreau.  Breakin' Away 

3:10 Food, Wine and Movies

Food - Jonny Schwass' apple, cinnamon and golden raisin pudding.

Wine - Yvonne Lorkin

Movies - Sarah McMullan

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Julie Moffett, Jim Mora, Lisa Scott and Jim McCabe 



Friday 13 March


TITLE:  The Sun Whose Rays Are Ablaze
COMP: Gilbert & Sullivan
ALBUM:  The Best Of Gilbert & Sullivan  
LABEL:  EMI    762531


ARTIST: Al Jarreau
TITLE:  Breakin' Away
COMP:  Canning, Graydon, Jarreau
ALBUM: Breakin' Away
LABEL: WARNER    976972

ARTIST: Al Jarreau
TITLE:  Roof Garden
COMP:  Canning, Graydon, Jarreau
ALBUM: Breakin' Away
LABEL: WARNER    976972

ARTIST: Al Jarreau
TITLE:  We're In This Love Together
COMP:  Roger Murrah, Keith Stegall
ALBUM: Breakin' Away
LABEL: WARNER    976972


ARTIST:  Aerosmith
TITLE:   Dream On
COMP:   Steven Tyler
ALBUM: Greatest Hits
LABEL:  Columbia