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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Thursday 12 March 2015

1:10 Your Song

Your Body Stays by The Spines.  Chosen by Neil Bramley of Tora

1:20 Our New Zealand A to Z - Vineyards

Steve Smith from Craggy Range

Anna Flowerday from Te Whare Ra

Duncan McTavish from Man O' War Bay 

Nanogirl Dr Michelle Dickinson in her fire extinguisher propelled supermarket trolley2:10  Nanogirl - Dr Michelle Dickinson

Bolts of lightning, explosions, fire - and turning a supermarket trolley into a speeding vehicle with fire extinguishers.  An array of crazy science experiments of the like never seen in New Zealand before will be on show in Auckland this weekend. The show's nutty professor, Dr Michelle Dickinson aka Nanogirl, joins us to discuss the experiments, and how she's making science cool again

2:20  Featherston Camp - Claire Craig

It's already been declared an archeological site, now the rural site of the Featherston Military Training Camp has further cemented its importance by being declared a category 1 historical place.  The Wairarapa farm has a strong military connection to both world wars.  Heritage New Zealand's Claire Craig discusses the history and current status of the site

2:30 Festival Review - Justin Gregory

Justin and friends review the Auckland Arts Festival

2:45  Feature album

Out Of Time, REM (1981)

3:10  The Expats - Angus Vail

This week we're speaking to Angus Vail who's living in New York - and on a mission to create a mobile Shakespeare theatre out of shipping containers.

Angus Vail s vision to recreate Shakespeare s Globe Theatre out of shipping containers
Picture: Jonathan Go

3:20  BBC Witness - Stalin's Interpreter

Josef Stalin died on the 5th of March 1953. Valentin Berezhkov was his translator - at the Russian leader's side for negotiations with Hitler, Roosevelt and Churchill during the Second World War

3:35  The Imitation Game - Ruth Beran

According to Rod Downey from Victoria University, the movie The Imitation Game about Alan Turing contains many factual inaccuracies. He explains to Ruth Beran what these are, as well as highlighting some of Turing's great achievements

Stories from Our Changing World.

3:45 The Panel Pre-Show

With Jim Mora, Zara Potts, Ella Henry and Michael Deaker



Thursday 12 March




ARTIST: The Spines

TITLE:  Your Body Stays

COMP: McLeary

ALBUM:  Punch

LABEL:  Ripper


A to Z:


ARTIST: Queen 

TITLE:  Killer Queen

COMP: Mercury

ALBUM:  Greatest Hits

LABEL: Elektra


ARTIST: The Corrs    

TITLE:  Summer Wine

COMP: Various

ALBUM:  Summer Wine With Bono Live In Dublin






TITLE:  Losing My religion

COMP:  Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe

ALBUM: Out Of Time

LABEL: Warner



TITLE:  Shiny Happy People

COMP:  Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe

ALBUM: Out Of Time

LABEL: Warner



TITLE:  Me In Honey

COMP:  Bill Berry, Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe

ALBUM: Out Of Time

LABEL: Warner





TITLE:  Lick It Up 

COMP:  Stanley, Vincent

ALBUM:  Lick It Up

LABEL: Mercury




ARTIST:  Marie Lloyd

TITLE:   A Little Of What You Fancy

COMP:   (Tradl)

ALBUM: A Night At The Music Hall  

LABEL:  JSP 651903