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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Wednesday 5 June 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Andrew Palace of Auckland nominated 'Love Reign Over Me' by The Who

See some of Andrew's lamp sculptures

1:20 Link 3 - music game

Rock around the Clock - Bill Haley
Maggie May - Rod Stewart
I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor
Perfect Day - Lou Reed
God Only Knows - Beach Boys
Gloria - Them
Revolution - the Beatles
Father & Son - Cat Stevens
Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones
You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones
The Answer: All of them were "B" sides. They weren't considered likely to be the main hits.

2:10 The Radio Operator - Meri Leask
For 34 years, fishermen in trouble in the rough and often treacherous waters off the coast of Invercargill have reached out to one woman for help. Meri Leask (less-k) is a volunteer fisherman's radio operator in Bluff. She keeps an ear out for boats in  Foveaux strait,  a notorious strech  of water that has taken  23 lives since 1998.  There in her kitchen, Meri monitors radios and keeps track of where the fishing boats are and passes on messages from families on shore to their loved ones at sea.  She has just been given a prestigious award from the  Commercial Fishing industry for her selfless service to fishermen.

2:20  An Archaeologist on Holiday - Brenda Sewell
Her adventures are not on the seas, but in faraway exotic lands all over the world .. Bhutan, Indonesia, Lebanon and Yemen. Brenda Sewell is 80 years old.  She and her husband have been seeking adventure once a year in the far flung corners of the world since their children left home 1981. She is an archaeologist and a firm believer that OE's are not just for University students. She's written about her travels in a book called... An Archaeologist on Holiday.

2:30 Reading - Today's reading is a short story published by Huia in the book,  'Niu (new) Voices' -  A collection of contemporary fiction by Pacific writers.'Bus' is a short story written by Tim Page.
John hatches a plan to break all the unwritten, unspoken rules of commuting to work on a bus.
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Oxygen  ETN5 ? 2003 One Music, Inc. Tk 3 and 4 High Rollin' by Stephen Sechi.

2:45 Feature Album - Year of the Cat - Al Stewart (1976)

3:10 Virtual World - Dr Jules Older

3:30 Puhoi Celebration - David Steemson - The tiny north Auckland community of Puhoi is this month celebrating its founding, 150-years ago, by a boat load of settlers from Bohemia.

4:06  Gordon McLauchlan and Chris Wikaira are on The Panel today: Novopay, The Hobbit, why we eat junk food more now, the parents of a child hit crossing the road are liable for damages to the car, is it normal to want to go to a Wellington bar at 3am? Is this a necessary modern social freedom?