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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Tuesday 4 June 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written - Jonathan Ah Kit of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania nominated 'We Don't Know How Lucky We Are' 

1:20 Critical Mass

Music - Nick Atkinson
ARTIST:    Shapeshifter    
TITLE:        Good Looking
COMP:    Shapeshifter     
ALBUM:    Shapeshifter Live     
LABEL:    Truetone / Universal

ARTIST:    Shapeshifter              
TITLE:        Taste Of Memory                    
COMP:    Shapeshifter         
ALBUM:    Delta    
LABEL:    Truetone./ Universal         

TV  - Phil Wallington

Books - Vanda Symon
 'Lost, Stolen or Shredded' by Rick Gekoski.  

Web - Ben Gracewood
DIA Internet Filter (allegedly) causes Google outages
Canadians ask Bank of Canada about Maple Syrup Scented Notes

2:10 The Silk Road Skiing Team - Blair Smith - It's the legendary thoroughfare across which Marco Polo and his ilk brought silks and spices back home to Europe from the East. Stretching  from Venice to Beijing and active since hundreds of years  before the birth of Christ, the Great Silk Road is one of the most famous, and ancient trading routes in the world.
It's also bounded by thousands of miles of mountainous terrain, from the Altai mountains of China, to the slopes of Turkey and Iran. Not a bad starting off point then, for ten young kiwis keen to do some exploring, and get some ski'ing in along the way. They also found the time to make a film about their adventures.
Aucklander Blair Smith is part of the Silk Road Ski'ing Team.

2:20 The Cuba Street Revival - Zoe George  - Zoe takes us on an adventure through one part of Wellington that's definitely re-inventing itself. Cuba Street's dark alley ways haven't been a very appealing place to wander in the past, but the vibe down the Cuba Quarter is changing fast.

2:30 Reading - Jennifer Ludlam reads the short story, 'Closing Time' by Peter Butler.
Two sisters come home to be with their father at the end of his life.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Journey End by Richard Beddow, tk 36 ATMOS - CD184

2:45 Feature Album - Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes - Jimmy Buffett

3:10 Tune Your Engine - Barbara Annis is a gender intelligence expert at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and teams up with John Gray (Men are from Mars Women are from Venus) for the new book... "Work With Me" . It explores how to overcome eight common gender blind spots in the workplace. gender-different styles play a major role in how we work together and perform as leaders

3:30 Asian Report - Lynda Chanwai-Earle - In today's Asian Report;  Inspired by Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day, school children around our Capital turn into little foodies when they learn how to make homemade dumplings with Vicky Ha, Wellington's Queen of Dumplings.

4:06 Mike Williams and Andrew Clay are on The Panel today. The new knighthoods, the tax laws that let the very rich off, the most popular song to sum up a life at funerals now, the new arrangement for control of the Urewera National Park, would Kim Dotcom's new Mega site be a good investment for Tainui, and people who've been to prison often go right back to prison. So is this an argument for getting rid of prisons or an argument for having plenty of them?