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Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan for Friday 31 May 2013

1:10 Best Song Ever Written Michael Booth of Alxrandra nominated 'Born to Run' by Bruce Springsteen

1:20 NZ Live - Wellington Blues and Funk band, John The Baptist


ARTIST:    John The Baptist
TITLE:        Thoughts of Thoughts
COMP:    Shaun Blackwell
ALBUM:    Bag O' Nails EP
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    John The Baptist

TITLE:        Desert Lands
COMP:    Michael Keane
ALBUM:    Bag O' Nails EP
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington

ARTIST:    John The Baptist

TITLE:        Catch The Sun
COMP:    Shaun Blackwell
ALBUM:    Bag O' Nails EP
LIVE:        RNZ Wellington

2:10 Alaskan Exile - Chuck Baird - We got a text from Mike - 'Any news from the guy that went to live on the Alaskan island for a year with only his Dog and lots of guns?'  We spoke with Charles Baird about a year ago about his plan to spend 12 months on the remote Latouche Island in Alaska's Prince William Sound.  
Well, one month from today, Chuck will return to civilzation and hot showers and meals he doesn't have to hunt for.
Chuck and his dog Wilson have survived the brutal winter. .

2:20 The Ventnor - Lynda Chanwai-Earle talks about a trail in Northland, a trail with Chinese associations and Maori ones, the Historical SS Ventnor Trail. The Ventnor is the ship that sank off the Hokianga coast in 1902 with the remains of 500 Chinese goldminers aboard, in coffins. And many of the bones were washed ashore and buried by local Maori, but it was feared that the spirits of the goldminers could now not be at ease.
Lynda explores how Maori and Chinese traverse different cultural practices when remembering their ancestors.

2:30 Reading Sir Edmund Hillary concludes his reflective conversation with Neville Glasgow on what gave meaning to his life.
Directions by Neville Glasgow Pub: Shoal Bay Press  (1995) ISBN-0908704305       20

2:45 Feature album - Wrote a Song for Everyone - John Fogerty (2013).
John Fogerty teams up with top names in country and rock music for a fresh take on his biggest songs.

3:08 One Stop Shop -Christchurch chef Johnny Schwass joins us as we start our weekend with ideas for you ..   Yvonne Lorkin with the bottles of wine - and Dan Slevin is our guest movie reviewer -  Fast and Furious 6, and also the post 9/11 thriller, The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Food - Jonny Schwass - Low Oven Hogget Shoulder

Wine - Yvonne Lorkin

Cheap and Cheerful:
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Movies - Dan Slevin

Fast and Furious 6 

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

3:30 New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards - Shona Hewlett
For 40 years, country music fans from all over the country have descended on Gore for a celebration of country music, the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards. What started as a humble gathering with just 40 entries in 1973, has turned into one of the premier music competitions in the country.

4:06 Joe Bennett is on The Panel today with Nevil Gibson. So who was the GCSB leaker? I don't think we'll find that out today but some sort of announcement's due. The question of Doug Graham's knighthood. More on the Nisbett cartoon. Owen Glenn's evidence-based blueprint to the United Nations to end child poverty. Jon bon Jovi's generous gesture in Spain, and would it work if you took the parking spaces out of Auckland? Are parking spaces really simply subsidising car use?